The best way to spread holiday cheer…


Important Dates:

Tuesday, December 19th – Doors to our gym open at 5:30 for the holiday show.  Students should be dropped off at their classroom in their holiday-themed pajamas costume at 5:30 pm.

  • Please practice your child’s ‘Twas the Night part with them nightly.

Wednesday, December 20th – 11:30 dismissal – no aftercare

Thursday, January 4th – classes resume at 10 am

Our last full week before break…whew! We have been tying up loose ends.  The kiddos all finished their snow globe writings and created their own ornaments as if they were trapped in a snow globe. They also worked hard to finish their deep dive.  Each student created their own animal and placed it in their zone of the ocean! We may be biased, but we can’t get over how cute it looks! Scroll down to see some photos! In math, we worked more with subtraction with and without regrouping. We have been easing the kiddos into literature circles by completing one as a group! Today they worked to complete a chapter in small groups! 

See you Monday!