Raise a Glass and Enjoy Your Time Out of Class!πŸ₯‚

Upcoming Dates and Announcements
Thursday, December 21st-Wednesday, January 3rd β€“ Winter Break!
Thursday, January 4th β€“ Classes Resume, 10:00am Start

What’s a celebration without champagne … or sparkling Apple Cider?! Monday we raised our glasses and made a toast to these fabulous authors and illustrators. Words truly cannot express just how proud we are of this group. From families to bugs to books we have seen their passion for learning glow and grow. This talented crew has yet to disappoint and we’re confident that the new year is going to be even more eventful. While we will miss them all dearly, we cannot wait to hear of all the adventures this break will bring them. We hope you all get to rest, relax, and most importantly be together. In this fast paced world it can be more than difficult to acknowledge and live in all of the moments. The big ones are easy to see, but the small ones can be easily overlooked. During this break we hope you get to bask in the glory of all the moments – big and small. We hope you laugh until your cheeks hurt. We hope you cry happy tears that leave your eyelashes sticking together. We hope you share in more hugs than you can count. And most of all we hope you feel all the love.

Have a wonderful break.

See ya next year!
Miss Tylar & Miss Claire