What’s In Store for 2024?!

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • To support our latest explorations, we kindly ask that you email us a family photo. Please do so by Monday.
  • Friday, January 26th- 11:30 am dismissal
  • Just a friendly reminder to send in any snow gear or extra clothes that still need to come to school.

Welcome Back, everyone! We hope you had a wonderful break filled with lots of family time. The students were beyond excited to share what they did over the last few weeks, which obviously included time spent making new memories. Their excitement was contagious as they shared about their time spent eating together, playing together, and just enjoying each other’s company. We read Peter Reynold’s book, Our Table, to help remind us the importance of being in the moment and together. It isn’t about the presents but being present. The students then worked on a Writer’s Workshop to share their favorite memory made over the break.

In Math, we were introduced to the wonderful world of measuring! The students were able to tell us many facts about this topic, including different tools that can be used and different methods for measuring various things. Tapey, a friend from last year’s class, has made his comeback. He is a tape measure with quite the personality and family. The students explored measuring items inside and outside, using tape measures and rulers. We look forward to continuing our explorations next week.

We are so excited to be back with these kiddos and cannot wait to see where this fresh start of a year takes us.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Claire and Miss Tylar