Everyone Needs a Little 🌆Structure🏙️

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:
For our service based project to celebrate Dr. King’s message, we will be holding our famous button sale! The proceeds of this sale will go to The Sarah Heinz House located in Pittsburgh. They offer programs that focus on providing a safe and fun environment for their kids to explore and grow. These buttons are handcrafted by all of Early Childhood (Preschool, Junior Kindergarten, and Senior Kindergarten) and will be on sale from Monday, January 15-Friday, January 19th (or while supplies last)
Helpful Heroes for (Sarah) Heinz House buttons will be 1 for $2 or 2 for $3. We will also be collecting art supplies to donate along with all of the proceeds from our button sale. These art supplies can include: markers, crayons, paint, air dry clay, white tee-shirts, art paper, construction paper, glue, etc.
Monday, January 15th – Students are invited to wear casual dress for our Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.
Friday, January 26th – Early Dismissal at 11:30 am. Aftercare is available until 3:00pm.
Students staying for Aftercare will need to bring a packed lunch.
February 9th-13th – Winter Long Weekend

What a fabulous first full week back from break we’ve shared together! We couldn’t be more pleased with the start of this new year. Coming back from a long, well deserved break can be tough, but these kiddos haven’t missed a beat. They’ve quickly settled back into our routine and continually show us their desire and will to learn new things. They give the term “structure” a whole new meaning! Speaking of structures… Have you ever seen the Golden Gate Bridge redesigned by Legos? OR the Pyramids of Giza constructed solely out of wooden blocks with intricate booby traps throughout it? Well now is your chance to see all that and more! Before the break we noticed that the students were very excited about being home and spending time with their families. Therefore, when we returned we were ready to discuss all things family life and really dive into the world of homes and family living. As we offered the students family photos, blocks, a doll house, peg people, and furniture pieces we realized that their interest had changed. They were all about constructing buildings and asking questions about famous structures around the world. We challenged them to recreate specific structures using different kinds of blocks. Using teamwork, balance, and skill these architects blew us away with their finished products. We are so excited to see where these explorations take us!

In math the students continue to show off their measuring smarts. We started off the week with a ruler challenge. Each student was given a ruler and asked to find things that were longer than it and then shorter than it. Next we bumped up the stakes and asked them to find objects in and outside the classroom that were specific inches. We were shocked to see just how many things we could find that were exactly 6 inches! The students were also interested in measuring themselves so we broke out our friend tapey and a scale to measure our height and weight. With the help of a partner they then traced themselves on long paper recording their measurements on it. Measuring has so many different components and we cannot wait to explore them all!

Have a great weekend,
Miss Tylar & Miss Claire