Light it up!


Important dates/notes:

  • Monday, January 15th- Casual Dress 
  • For our Martin Luther King Service Day, on Jan. 15, we are in need of fleece fabric or tie blanket kits We will be taking donations of fabric, fleece blankets, or blanket kits! Blanket kits can be purchased at JoAnn Fabrics/Hobby Lobby for $7.99-10.99. Please see the picture below for reference. We are looking forward to this experience! 
  • January 26th – Early Dismissal @ 11:30- Aftercare will be until 3:00PM and students will need to bring their own lunch.
  • For our inventors’ deep dive, students will be building a model car. We will be accepting water bottles, water caps, balloons, straws, toilet paper/paper towel tubes, etc!

Hello Families!

In math, we doubled our efforts by continuing multiplication and introducing students to a new concept in number sense. We started the week by introducing and practicing their 7’s multiplication facts. We helped the kiddos make sense of number relationships with “triads.” Students applied their rounding skills to properly place a target number within a specific range of numbers.  Phonetically speaking… students were introduced to the new prefix /un/. Students spelled, read, and made definitions using this new prefix. Did you know that a cause is what caused something to happen and an effect is what happened! With that being said, in reading, students learned a new concept… Cause and Effect! It was awesome to see this skill develop throughout the week. Their favorite activity was re-reading and determining the cause and effect in the stories “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and “If You Take a Mouse To School.” Lastly, we have started poetry! Students were introduced to a rhyming pattern type of poetry called ABAB. They even started their very own poetry book…STAY TUNED! 

For our Steam deep dive…students learned about the process of crystallization. They even got to make a pipe cleaner design and put it in their very own crystal solution. Next week we will see if the solution took to the pipe cleaner to make crystals! In our inventor’s deep dive, we learned all about Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla and all about their contribution to light. We wrapped up by testing out a closed circuit using a D battery, wire, and a mini light bulb! Ask your kiddo what happened! 

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Have a great winter weekend! 

 Hanna, Paula, and Alissa