Winter Fun!


Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

*Monday, January 15th- CASUAL DRESS for students!

  • Friday, January 26th- Early Dismissal at 11:30 am. Aftercare is available until 3 pm. Students staying for Aftercare will need to bring a packed lunch.
  • February 9th-13th Winter Break

Although we had some rain and dreary weather this week, it did not stop our learning indoors! We were introduced to the author Mo Willems and LOVE his Elephant & Piggie books. We spent the week selecting various books and reading with a partner. Each student has a goal to read as many of these books as possible. Each time a book is read, a sticker is placed on his/her reading chart!

In math this week, Miss Madison taught our class about non-standard measurement. Students learned how to measure in “units” with various types of materials. They found out how many polar bears tall they were and recorded their findings. Students then compared various classroom items to determine their weight and how many units heavy they were. Students had so much fun making guesses and finding how close their guess came to the actual weight!

We began a new deep dive this week, IGOOS! We learned about how igloos are made and how they can be used to keep someone warm. We look forward to creating our own igloos next week.

Our most recent class reward, Board Games, was a huge success! The kiddos rotated among several games and had fun working together.

Have a great weekend!

Karen, Danielle, & Madison