Ice, Ice, Baby!

Upcoming events:

It’s time for our annual Early Childhood Button Sale: For our service project to celebrate Dr. King’s message, we will be holding our famous button sale! The proceeds of this sale will go to The Sarah Heinz House located in Pittsburgh. They offer programs that focus on providing a safe and fun environment for their kids to explore and grow. These buttons are handcrafted by all of Early Childhood (Preschool, Junior Kindergarten, and Senior Kindergarten) and will be on sale from Monday, January 15-Friday, January 19th (or while supplies last)
Helpful Heroes for (Sarah) Heinz House buttons will be 1 for $2 or 2 for $3. We will also be collecting art supplies to donate along with all of the proceeds from our button sale. These art supplies can include: markers, crayons, paint, air dry clay, white tee-shirts, art paper, construction paper, glue, etc.

Snow Gear: With snow in the forecast, please know that we still take the children outside. The school mantra is: “If you’re wearing gloves you may touch the snow. If you’re wearing boots, you may walk in the snow.” 

Please send in the following items, labeled with your child’s name (Please let us know if they can stay in the classroom or if you’d like them sent home):

  • Coat
  • Snow Pants/Snowsuit
  • Boots
  • Hat
  • Gloves

Friday, January 26th – Early Dismissal at 11:30a.m. Aftercare is available until 3:00p.m. If your child is staying for aftercare please send a packed lunch.

February 9th-13th – Winter Break (February 13th classes resume @ 10:00 am)

March 2nd-11th – Spring Break (March 11 classes resume at 10:00 am)

Hockey time!

Hello JK families,

“Stop, collaborate and listen, ice is back with a JK addition!” For weeks now, our meeting rug has transformed into an ice rink. Stools have become goals, and large cardboard blocks have come together as the penalty box all to help bring daily knee hockey games to life. Truth be told, the JK kiddos are so into their daily hockey games that they often choose to stay inside instead of their usual favorite, outdoor play! We invited the class to design team names, logos, and pick their jersey number. Stay tuned, we will continue to develop these components in the weeks ahead. With sports, particularly hockey, as our next area of focus, we decided that ice and snow are a great place to start during these winter months. The children were presented with several opportunities to explore the many stages of liquid. The class painted with ice and the conversation as they worked quickly turned to hockey…

“It’s like hockey!” Griffin

“Score!” Pierce 

“The truck is coming. You can’t play on the ice yet.” Roman

“Mine melted already.” Roman

“I need someone to stop the water.” Isaac 

“I’m making the ice.” Isaac

“Pretend it’s slippery.” Savannah 

“Wow, I’ve got just a stick now.” Hudson

“Beeping sounds, truck to clean the ice.” All

“How do you make ice?”Jackson

“You just freeze it in the freezer.” Mia

“My melting.” Winston

“I’m making a house with icicles slowly going down.” Charlie

After reading, “No Two Alike,” by Keith Baker the children were invited to explore symmetry in a Math center. Many things in nature have radial symmetry, like a snowflake. They were given a partner and loose parts and invited to mimic the same pattern on each side of the table from a central location. We shared magnified images of snowflakes with the children so they could see the crystals up close and how each one is different. They worked to create their own snowflakes with dough and loose parts and in our light center as well using projected images. Shadow play is always a favorite as they danced around the projected “falling snow.” Just like snowflakes, we are all different too! With that in mind we practiced not only writing our names but counting the letters that comprise them. The class loved singing our name song and counting the letters in each other’s name. They were excited to discover who had the same amount of letters and who had the most! (shout out to Savannah with 8 letters!) After we counted the letters in their name, they chose that many strips of painted paper and glued them together to create their very own name snowflake. They are just beautiful!

This week we also started our “How To…” series based on what the children would like to learn in the new year. The first question we decided to answer was Dermot’s: “How do you make pancakes?” The children gathered around our big long table that was filled with ingredients and tools. They each took part in measuring, adding to the mixture, whisking the batter, and pouring their very own pancake on the griddle. They enjoyed their yummy creation with some syrup on top!

Speaking of the new year, we are working with the children to embrace a growth mindset and build a foundation of social emotional learning (SEL) skills. We revisited our conversation about emotions and let the children share how they were feeling in the moment. We created a class mantra, “I am safe, I am brave, I am loved.” They worked to create their very own “Yet” character as a reminder that each day is an opportunity to learn something new. We can’t wait to see all they will learn in the months ahead.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Liz & Miss Gina