January 13th 2024


Important Dates:

  • Monday, January 17th -MLK Day – Some students will be heading to The House of the Carpenter and some will be staying back and baking treats and making cards for our First Responders.
  • Friday, January 26th – 11:30 dismissal- Aftercare until 3:00 
  • February 9th-13th Winter Break (February 13th classes resume @ 10:00 am)

March 2nd-11th Spring Break (March 11 classes resume at 10:00 am)

  • English w/ Mrs. McFadden – We began our literature circle groups this week. The students are very engaged with their readings in this format. The groups that I have met with have had great discussion questions and predictions about their readings thus far. We are also practiced pronouns, reviewed protagonists vs. antagonists, and learned about different types of conflicts in literature
  • Foundations of Pre-Algebra w/ Mrs. Murray-We spent the week talking about financial literacy.  We completed a “My Life” project, complete with a career, a salary, spouse and children, taxes, mortgage, utilities, etc.  Please ask them what they learned.  I will send the projects home next week.  We also found some computer games that helped us learn about finances, and we finished off the week with a lesson about how to calculate your bill at a restaurant, including taxes and tip.  We will be back in our textbook next week.
  • Music w/Mrs. Chelsey – We started back after the break with an art expression through music exercise, which the students really enjoyed!! I played music from five different genres and the students allowed the music to guide whatever they put down on the paper. We began reviewing music notation through a relay game and rhythm listening exercise. We also began working on a body percussion piece to Mozart’s “Turkish March”.
  • Electives w/ Mrs. Boldrick or Mr. McFadden – Design – The design students continued with their “Make Something Better” project. They were given another student’s idea and had to draw a schematic of the other student’s project. Then, they voted for the top four projects. They split into groups and each group is in charge of producing a model of the project. Cultural Cooking – students broke into three groups, and each group chose a traditional French recipe to prepare. We were treated to crepes, croque madame, and chantilly potatoes. All three dishes were fantastic!