Soup Kitchen and Snow Days


*Due to today’s cancellation, all students must have their literature circle reading completed for Monday. They each should have a calendar in their folder of the chapters that are due for them.*

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, January 24 – 6:00 pm – Reimagine Middle School Event. Check out WCDS Middle School – and bring a friend!
  • January 26 – EARLY DISMISSAL. After care available until 3:00 pm. 
  • February 2 – Fifth grade to middle school in the afternoon for ice skating. More information to come. 
  • February 9 – 12 – Winter Long Weekend. Class will be dismissed at 11:30 am on Friday, February 9, and resume at 10:00 am on February 13th. 

Important information regarding winter weather:

At an all school meeting this week, Miss H talked to the students about the importance of staying focused in school, even when the urge to go outside and play is there. Students are permitted to bring snow clothes and sleds, but please know that this is for recess or PE time only and we do not get fully dressed to play during our small brain breaks throughout the day. If a student brings a sled, it is to be left outside of the gym, and they must be okay with it being shared amongst the student body. If your child is absent due to inclement weather, please be sure to call the office and check emails for information regarding class work. 


  • For students to go outside, they must have a JACKET. 
  • For students to touch the snow, they must have GLOVES. 
  • For students to walk on the snow off sidewalks, they must have BOOTS. 
  • For students to sit in the snow, they must have SNOW PANTS. 

For as much as we emphasize the executive functioning skills of locating and returning their items to home, having these things labeled with your child’s name always helps!

Weekly Recap

Delays, cancellations, and visits to our branch campus kept us out of the classroom on the main campus for multiple days this week. One thing is for certain, our fifth graders know how to adapt. Monday was spent honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., all while discussing our own legacies and what we hope to leave behind. These conversations are becoming more meaningful as our students are nearing the end of fifth grade and their time as the leaders of main campus comes to a close. On Tuesday, we were welcomed with a delay, but the afternoon of core time allowed us an opportunity to hone our math skills and embark on our “I Dream A World” poetry writing assignment. 

West Virginia Northern welcomed us on Wednesday morning, as we got to experience our branch campus for the first time this school year. The change of scenery was a nice change of pace, and the experiences of the day made it all the more worthwhile. Officer John escorted us to the Soup Kitchen, where we were put through an orientation of how the Soup Kitchen is run and funded. Students were divided into groups where they were to help organize the pantry, make popcorn, design place mats for Valentine’s Day, or package bread for the patrons. While lunch was served from 11:00-1:00, the students were put to work either serving food, mingling with patrons, or delivering popcorn. 

The words of praise that the employees of the Soup Kitchen sang about the WCDS 5th grade are still ringing through our ears. They told us that it is incredibly rare that a group of students comes to volunteer, and spends their time mingling with the patrons. Our students inquired about these people’s lives, sang them songs from the holiday show (oh yes they certainly did), and provided genuine smiles and real connections with people without ever “judging a book by its cover”. We truly could not be more proud of every single member of our class. They are begging to go back and have asked countless questions on how they can help those in need. We have some empathetic and compassionate children in the fifth grade, and their hearts are destined for greatness. 

When we returned from the Soup Kitchen, we spent the rest of the afternoon deeply engrossed in the programming of our Lego robots. The space at our branch campus provided the perfect opportunity for teamwork and collaboration as students partnered up at their desks and worked until we made them pack up! With the final Lego Robotics Competition on the horizon, the excitement is really gearing up. 

Thursday was a jam packed day with a morning full of literature circles, math work, and poetry writing. In addition to PE, Art, and Music, we wrapped up our DARE class with Officer John. Students will soon begin writing their DARE essay and we will establish a date for their graduation. We hope everyone enjoyed the surprising snow day and we look forward to seeing the kids back on Monday! 

  • Katie and Kristina