⚖️Ounces, Pounds, Tons…Oh My! ⚖️

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • February 9th-13th – Winter Break (February 13th classes resume @ 10:00 am)
  • Valentine’s Day is coming up and we love celebrating the love we have for each other. If you would like your child to participate in passing out Valentines, they are invited to bring in a Valentine’s Box. Please make sure that their name is on it and a big enough opening to put all the goodies in. A list of names can be found here. Please send the boxes into school by Tuesday, February 13th.
  • March 2nd-11th – Spring Break (March 11 classes resume at 10:00 am)

We have a tricky question for you. Which weighs more…a ton of feathers, a ton of peanuts, or a ton of lead? If you guessed they are all equal, you are correct! While reading the book Weights and Measures by Jerry Pallota, the students were stumped by this same question but quickly caught on to the fact that a ton is 2,000 pounds no matter the item you are weighing. Our Measurement studies have taken us from using rulers and tape measures to exploring weight with scales. The students took turns with our balance scales and a variety of loose parts. We saw some trying to find items that are equal in weight, while others sought out the heaviest ones. They also marveled at a spring scale. While the one we have works only for items smaller than a pound, the students took guesses at what would be light enough to work. Empty lunch boxes, a pair of scissors, a snack bag, and a shoe were just a few of the items that we tried out. We also visited the idea of temperature this week as we conducted an ice experiment. Which container will melt ice the fastest was the question we were testing. Using containers made of metal, glass, plastic, and paper, we hypothesized which one would melt ice the quickest. Which one do you think it was? You should definitely join us next time for a round of “Will It Fit?” In this guessing game, the students had to determine if a cup of water would fit into different kinds of vessels. A skinny vase, a medicine cup, a small bowl, a votive candle holder, and a plastic container were amongst the selection. Their excitement was off the charts when they guessed if the water would overflow, be just right , or not enough. Who knew exploring capacity and volume could be so much fun?

When we weren’t measuring, we continued our explorations of structures. We have started our trip around the world, making stops in various countries to admire the local architecture. This week took us to the Great Wall of China (China), the Taj Mahal (India), the Eiffel Tower (France), the Himeji Castle (Japan), and the Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany). We just love hearing the observations of the students and helping them find the answers to their questions. They again took on the challenge of trying to recreate these recent structures using our collections of blocks. It is amazing to witness them communicating about their ideas, collaborating with each other, and compromising to make something work. These are not easy skills to do, but the kiddos are getting better and better at it everyday. We already have requests for more visits and we cannot wait to get our “passports” ready.

We want to thank everyone who supported our “Helpful Heroes for (Sarah) Heinz House” button sale and art supplies collection. We raised over $350 from our sale, which will allow us to “sponsor” at least 14 kids’ yearly memberships to the Heinz House. All of the art supplies you donated will definitely go to good use in their programs, and we again thank you for your generosity!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!

Miss Claire and Miss Tylar