Another fun week down!


Important Dates:

  •  February 9th-12th- Long winter weekend
  •  February 13th- 10am start

It was a great week in second grade! We are so happy to see so many of our friends feeling better and back in the classroom. We were able to do a lot of learning this week! In math, we reviewed expanded form, rounding to the nearest tens and hundreds, and we wrapped up our addition and subtraction word problems. In phonics, we learned a brand new spelling rule for adding -ed and -ing to magic e and -dge words. Make sure to ask your kiddos what that rule is! For kids in the kitchen, our kiddos filmed and uploaded their very first cooking show episode. We made pumpkin oatmeal  cookies!

Check out the first episode of our new cooking show! In deep dive we studied the muscular system! Later next week we will do some hands on activities to show how our muscles work!

The animal shelter was a hit! The kiddos represented us so well. They were amazed at how much it translated to our human body deep dive.  They asked good questions and were surprised to see that Tiffany Dlesk was indeed a dog!