The Patterns vs. The Stars

February 9th-13th – Winter Break (February 13th classes resume @ 10:00 am)

March 2nd-11th – Spring Break (March 11 classes resume at 10:00 am)

Oglebay is offering a student discount for skiing this season.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please use this link to fill out the google form:

Snow Gear: With snow in the forecast, please know we still take the children outside. The school mantra is: “If you’re wearing gloves, you may touch the snow. If you’re wearing boots, you may walk in the snow.” 

Valentine’s Day: Here is the sign-up to provide items for the class party. Please create a valentine box, big enough to hold plenty of valentines, for our Valentine exchange on February 14th. You can label valentines with each classmates name if you would like or leave them blank. We are fine with either! If your child would like to label their cards, here is the list:



















Hello JK families,

This week, we really took to the ice! Teams were made, numbers were chosen, and jerseys were designed. Here are the team rosters!

The Patterns: Pierce (1,000) Dermot (41) Roman (5) Winston (31) Caston (32) Joanna (25) Cora (8)   Rowan (7)  Mia (65) 

The Stars: Savannah (6)  Isaac (4) Hudson (39) Jackson (11) Regina (60) Griffin (16) Gemma (11)  Bradley (10)  Charlie (100)

The class transformed our oval morning meeting rug into an ice rink by adding a clear plastic layer. They then designed the goals and the center logo to feature both teams. Here’s some recorded dialogue as they worked.

“These red circles go over here.”- Regina 

“I’ll color the star black. Guys, we’re gonna get this done in time.”-Roman 

“Is this what hockey looks like? Pierce, look find a light blue and come color with us. Hudson are we done with this area?”- Dermot

“We have to make sure the face-off is both teams in the middle.”-Jackson

“The carpet does hurt my legs when the goal tenders slide, so this plastic is awesome.” -Jackson

“The light blue is the face-off too. This rink is looking good! Here Winston, can you draw the circles over here. We’re not gonna have enough light blue, let’s just use the dark blue.”- Hudson

“Guys you missed this red line.”- Pierce 

“You guys ok over here? Da, da, da, dee, da,dee, dee da.”-Savannah

“Here is the flag for the hockey game!” – Caston

We added knee hockey nets, jerseys, referee outfits, penalty box, scoreboard, and even a concession stand! The children are loving our classroom hockey rink!

This week we also continued to talk about our skin thanks to Pierce’s question from our “How To Series.” In Science, Miss Britney asked the children “What can your skin do?” This is what they had to say:

“It peels.” – Joanna

“You can cut it and put a bandaid on it and it heels.” – Regina

“I have a boo boo right there! It got better.” – Winston

Miss Britney invited the children to feel two different types of liquid (rubbing alcohol and water) and determine which was the coldest. She also revealed to them that it is hard to feel things on our elbow! To test this, she had the children touch each other with a variety of objects (feathers, fishing line, and q-tips) to see if they could feel the object! She also had them reach inside a box and guess the object inside. In addition to exploring touch, we dove into how skin can be a variety of colors based on the amount of melanin found within. We read the story, The Color of Us by Karen Katz. In the story she describes skin tones by their appearance, often naming them after foods. “Their skin is the color of honey, coffee, butterscotch, peaches, etc. ” We then invited the children to mix their own skin tone using tempera paints and name them. They came up with wonderful names like chocolate, cinnamon, peanut butter and bubble gum! After drawing a face they were able to use their skin color on their person!

In Mindfulness, the children continued to practice breathing skills, and shared their emotions. This week we focused on the concept of a worry. We read Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival. In the story, Ruby learns that her worries can shrink and even go away if she talks about them. We took some time to share our worries and practiced our mantra, “I am safe, I am brave, I am loved.”

In Math we practiced number recognition, counting, and summation using ten frames. In Phonics we reviewed letter Ii and introduced Nn.