White to Wet!


Important dates/notes:

  • Feb 9-12: Winter Long Weekend 
  • Fen 13th: Classes Resume @ 10:00AM

Soggy Greetings!

Well, we went from snow to rain in less than a week’s time. But the change in weather didn’t dampen our spirits as far as learning is concerned! Math maintained focus on multiplication. We learned about multiples of 10 and the associative (grouping) property. The students easily related multiplication with division by working with fact families. Overall, we really rocked it in math this week! Phonics was wonderful….literally! Students learned about the suffix -ful and how it means “full of.” In reading, students got out their magnifying glasses and detective hats as they played clue when learning how to draw conclusions! Students really enjoyed learning this skill especially when they had to determine what the naughty leprechaun has been up to. In writing, a Haiku poem was introduced. They learned that this poem deals with syllables and nature. So, we bundled up and went outside and went on a nature walk to brainstorm some ideas for our Haiku poem! They really came up with some great ideas! We can’t wait to share our poetry book with you… soon! 

Shoutout to Jasmin at Crittenton Services for coming to our class to accept our 24 tied blankets! The kiddos really enjoyed learning about where their blankets were going and listening to stories of Crittenton Services! Thank you!

Please tag us both when sending emails and/or Talking Points if you have any questions or concerns this school year: hwilliams@wcdsedu.com  & pbuck@wcdsedu.com 

Enjoy your weekend!  

Hanna, Paula, and Alissa