A Home Can Be…

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Act Now: Limited Tickets for CELEBRATE!

Dear Families,

Tickets for CELEBRATE  are in high demand! While I feel like a carnival barker, we are fully expecting to sell out within the week. How fitting that our “Standing in the Hall of Fame” event will be standing room only.

If you are unable to attend in person, please sell vacation raffle tickets featuring exciting destinations like Disney and more. Physical raffle tickets will be available soon, but you can get a head start by obtaining digital copies right here. 

If you or a business would like to sponsor the event, there are still opportunities. Sponsorships are still available for $1,000. A $500 gift is also available to underwrite tickets for faculty and staff. As always, if you have questions, please contact Amelia Parsons at mparsons@wcdsedu.com.

  • Winter Break- No School February 9-12
  • Tuesday, February 13- 10:00 start
  • Wednesday, February 14th- Send in Valentines.  We will make a Valentine’s box with the children.
  • March 2nd-10th- Spring Break. Classes resume at 10:00 on Monday, March 11th.
  • Wednesdays are our library days.  Please return any books your child has finished reading on this day. Sign up here to be a Guest Reader!
  • Thursdays are Preschool’s walk your child to class day.  Feel free to park at the shelter and join us for our daily discovery time if your schedule allows! 
  • We have friends with allergies and are a nut-free classroom. 
  • When it snows: You may touch the snow if you have gloves on. You may walk in the snow if you have boots on. You may play in the snow if you have snow pants on.
  • Beforecare is available in the gym from 7:30- 8:20, and aftercare from 3:30-5:00.
  • Teacher Email: mshah@wcdsedu.com, awolle@wcdsedu.com, aschultz@wcdsedu.com 

A Look at Our Week:

The preschoolers explored animal habitats after revisiting the story A Home Can Be… and sharing Eric Carl’s My First Book of Animal Homes. We learned how some animals live in the desert and like hot weather, and some live in the Arctic and like cold weather. Others live in the jungle, forest, or ocean, and some in the sky. The children then used oil pastels, markers, paint sticks, and watercolors to create a colorful scene of their animal’s habitat.  After completing their habitat artwork, the kiddos had a one-on-one conference with a teacher to share facts about their animal’s home and their enthusiasm and knowledge truly made the week special.

Parker’s Facts: My whale lives in the ocean. That’s my animal’s habitat.  It’s a blue whale. He eats lots of things like a lot of fish and two big pieces of coral and they get a little messy. He gets his thing out (a spout) and gets the water out and it flies into the sky. That’s how whales do it! 

Kipton’s Facts:  My animal lives in the ocean. Big animals live in the ocean, but a turtle is kind of small.  They sleep in their shell. I don’t know what they eat. 

Stylee’s Facts: My animal likes to slide on its belly in the snow. It lives in the snow and ice.  They eat fish! I think they just sleep in the snow. Birds can fly but not a penguin!  

Ollie’s Facts: Polar Bears live in an igloo. They like cold weather because they have some fur. Polar bears have feet… big feet! 

Forrest’s Facts: The flamingo lives in Florida. They live next to water like an ocean. They are type a of bird but they do not fly. I think they eat fish. They are pink. They keep one leg up! I think they sleep standing up! 

Dax’s Facts: The tiger lives in the desert and they can live in the jungle actually.  I am making sand, that is what they stand on. I am going to make a cactus on my paper too.   A tiger has two colors- orange and black.  Tigers eat meat and they kill things. Their babies are called tiger cubs. You know I actually know a lot about tigers already. 

Heidi’s Facts: I am studying a giraffe. They live in a jungle and the desert. They have dots on them, with yellow.  They have tails and they are tall too! I think they eat grass. I think they sleep sitting down. They sleep in the sand. They like hot weather. They have four legs . 

Preston’s Facts: They have legs. Three legs. They have fur. They like hot weather and they eat meat.  They live in the desert. They have babies not eggs. My favorite thing is their fur. Lions can climb. They are orange and brown. 

Evelyn’s Facts: A giraffe has a long neck. My giraffe is eating veggies and he has a house outside. Its house is hot. It lives in the desert. 

Scarlett’s Facts: My animal is the giraffe. I am making a pretty sky for it. This is my bed for the giraffe.  A giraffe eats grass. I think they sleep standing up. They are tall. 

Lucas’s Facts: Well, a dog lives in a super dog house.  If the dog goes out to a rescue, it can really help people.  It’s house is a dog house. it has windows and it has a door and if they need to go potty, they can actually go inside because they have a bathroom inside with a dog toilet.  

Aubrey’s Facts: A cat lives in a human house.  It’s a pet. It needs a couch for it to sleep at becuase couches are where they mostly sleep.  We also need a bed for the owner.    

Hailey’s Facts: She lives in a dog house and a crate. She needs a bed and a bowl and water and peanut butter for her to go to sleepy at night.         

Leonardo’s Facts:  This is a tree going up. He just swims and goes up it. Frogs like warm weather. I don’t know what they eat. 

Clara’s Facts: My raccoon lives in the forest. They eat trees. They like cold weather. They sleep in trees. They are little. They are black. 

Lola’s Facts: My bear lives in the forest. There’s all the trees.  I think they eat trees. They are all different colors.    

Noah’s Facts:  A fox lives in the tree.  It plays with its toys like its dolly toy and a car. It has a top right here so it can sleep. 

Emma’s Facts:  It’s a home for a moose.  I don’t know where it lives, but it needs some food like seeds. It sleeps in a home like my house.

Sophia’s Facts: A panda lives in a tree.  It eats some leaves.  These are all trees up here and grass at the bottom.  This climbing panda is in its tree.  They like to sleep. They hibernate. 

Bodhi’s Facts: My gorilla lives in the jungle.  The george of the jungle. Abe is in the jungle and Ursula.   They climb a tree when it gets dark out and they sleep in their jungle bird house. They like to eat bananas from the trees.

Mylah’s Facts: My monkey lives in the forest. He swings on the trees and plays on the ground. I think they like to eat bugs. They like hot weather…  and, uhhhhh, nothing else.

Be sure to pop by and check out these adorable animal homes hanging in the classroom and have a beautiful weekend!

-Meredith, Arden, and Airry