Important Dates: 

  • February – 9th-12th Winter Long Weekend 
  • February 13th – Classes Resume @ 10:00 AM
  • Wednesday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day Card Exchange 

We started our week in language arts by reviewing grammar skills. This review was helpful before starting their project, “Grammar Menus.” Students will be coming up with their restaurant ideas and creating a menu for them. The menu must consist of several different grammar elements aiding students in creating an eye-catching and detailed menu. 

We also started two mini-literature circles. Half of the class is reading Bunnicula, and the other half is reading Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen. They are short books, which will allow us to switch books in a week. Most of the reading and assignments will be done in class.

In math, we are preparing the students for a real-life budgeting project. This week, they did a mini-lesson on budgeting. We also had a very lively discussion about income, expenses, wants, and needs. They are really starting to understand saving, spending, and managing money.

In Innovations, students learned about electricity. They had discussions about their prior knowledge of the subject and wowed us with how much they already knew. Students discussed whether or not they could live without electricity. Some were ready to take on the challenge while others decided they would much rather keep it. Next week students will be doing their electricity experiments to deepen their understanding. 

Our 4th-grade eggs are hatching! We know many of you checked the live you tube feed. Here is the current link that we are using.

Valentine’s Day is approaching! We will do a card exchange on Wednesday, February 14. If your child wants to make a decorated box, he/she may do so and bring it to school. We will not be making Valentine’s Day boxes here in class. No worries if you don’t have the time to make a box! We’ll provide a bag to collect their cards. We’ll send a list of class names home next week.

Enjoy the weekend!

Grace and Stella