Has Spring Sprung!?


Important dates/notes:

Act Now: Limited Tickets for CELEBRATE!

Dear Families,

Tickets for CELEBRATE  are in high demand! While I feel like a carnival barker, we are fully expecting to sell out within the week. How fitting that our “Standing in the Hall of Fame” event will be standing room only.

If you are unable to attend in person, please sell vacation raffle tickets featuring exciting destinations like Disney and more. Physical raffle tickets will be available soon, but you can get a head start by obtaining digital copies right here. 

If you or a business would like to sponsor the event, there are still opportunities. Sponsorships are still available for $1,000. A $500 gift is also available to underwrite tickets for faculty and staff. As always, if you have questions, please contact Amelia Parsons at mparsons@wcdsedu.com.

  • Feb. 9-12: Winter Long Weekend 
  • Feb. 13th: Classes Resume @ 10:00AM

🙂If anyone has a “spare” box of tissues to share, please send it to school with your kiddo. (Thanks!)

Hello Third Grade Families!

“Parting is such sweet sorrow” may have been a sentiment shared by those who embraced the recent snowy weather. Others may have eagerly bid a frosty farewell to January and greeted February with open arms! Will Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of an early spring hold true or will the WCDS Ski Lodge open once more? Time will tell… In other news, math was spent finishing division facts through 10. Students learned the “cancel” method with 10’s by matching up zeros in the dividend and divisor to arrive at the correct quotient. Next week, we’ll be splitting off into FRACTIONS! In ELA, the room was buzzing with excitement as we dove into free-verse poetry. By far, this has been THE crowd favorite because the kiddos were released from the constraints of rhymes and patterns. They were freeeeee to write verses about their favorite things! This will make a wonderful addition to the poetry book we’ve been working on & can’t wait to share with you! We also read a really fun story called “Two Bad Ants” which stretched their imaginations with the use of images and descriptions galore! Students also read to identify plot and theme throughout the story. Students also participated in grammar activities centered around contractions (they have= they’ve). Deep dives rolled on as we finished building a model car and also made a list of possible inventors for our upcoming research project. Stay tuned for more next week!

**Please tag us both when sending emails and/or Talking Points if you have any questions or concerns this school year: hwilliams@wcdsedu.com  & pbuck@wcdsedu.com 

Have a fantastic weekend!  Hanna, Paula, and Alissa