Naan Bread All Around!


Important Dates:

  •  February 9th-12th- Long winter weekend
  •  February 13th- 10am start
  •  February 14th- Valentine’s Day Party- here is a class list 

It was another great week over here in 2nd grade! In phonics, we learned “ea” as a vowel team that works together to make the long and short /e/sounds. We are wrapping up our “When I Grow Up” essays, and we’re almost ready to submit them! We are so proud of the bright futures our kiddos are writing about. We had two days of stations in math, check out our mathematicians hard at work! Towards the end of our week we introduced time, and we’re so excited to dive deeper into time. Speaking of deep dive, this week our kids learned about the skeletal system and made models of a human spine! In kid’s in the kitchen this week we made homemade naan bread! It was a fan favorite!  Finally, we wrapped up our week with some Social Emotional Learning, talking about what it means to be a good friend.

Have a great weekend!

Carly, Laura, and Alli