No Two Hands are Alike

Upcoming Events and Announcements 

This Sunday at 4:10 the Wheeling Nailers play the Orlando Solar Bears in our very own JK TimBits students will be skating between periods. If the children bring their own skates and any gloves they are invited to skate with the Nailers after the game.  

February 7th Field Trip!!! -This Wednesday we have the opportunity to go ice skating with WCDS Middle School. We will meet at the Wheeling Park ice rink from 9:00‑10:30. If your child has ice skates please bring them. Ice skate rentals are available. Please let us know :

    *Are you able to bring your child to the ice rink and back to school? 

    * Are you able to transport other children back to school?  (You must have a background check on file with the office)

   * If your child needs transportation to the ice rink, you can drop off at school at your normal time. 

Please let us know your plan. We can’t wait to skate on real ice!

This Sunday at 4:10 the Wheeling Nailers play the Orlando Solar Bears in our very own JK TimBits students will be skating between periods. If the children bring their own skates and any gloves they are invited to skate with the Nailers after the game.  

Friday, February 9th- No school Winter Break

February 13th – classes resume @ 10:00 am

Valentine’s Day: Here is the sign-up to provide items for the class party. Please create a Valentine box, big enough to hold plenty of valentines, for our Valentine’s exchange on February 14th. You can label valentines with each classmate’s name if you would like or leave them blank. We are fine with either! If your child would like to label their cards, here is the list:



















March 2nd-11th – Spring Break (March 11 classes resume at 10:00 am)

Hello JK Family,

This week the children were fully engaged and having a blast exploring patterns and drawing stars to create their very own hockey jerseys! The enthusiasm and excitement filled the air as the chanting and cheering became louder. Each jersey has a unique design on the back. But, the front represents team spirit!! The celebration continued on the 100th day of school. The children celebrated by listening to and singing along to the crowd pleaser, The 100 Song, by Jack Hartman!!

Then we read the story, Henry Horton Takes the Ice by Sandra Bradley. The main character, Horton, is from a long line of hockey players but in a twist of events, discovers he wants to be a figure skater! We asked the children to think of a time they tried to learn something new and journal about how it felt. Isaac shared, “scoring in hockey.” Regina said, “Playing soccer.” Savanna expressed, “Drawing stars, all the stars.” Gemma said, “I wasn’t very good at drawing stars by now I’m great at it.” We also read, It’s OK To Be Different by Todd Parr. The book inspires children to embrace everyone’s individuality and to accept everyone. Then we revisited our self-portraits we made last week that focused on our skin tones and added a touch of color to the background. 

We also read the book, Our Skin by Megan Madison which continued the conversation about diversity among the children. Then the children observed the lines and curves on their own hands while discussing the differences in skin color and how no one handprint is the same. 

We then enlarged the children’s handprints by using a photocopier. Each child’s uniqueness and individuality were explored by using watercolor to brighten each mark.

In Math, we introduced dominoes. We explored the placement of the dots on the dominoes and explained to the children that the placement is a visual cue to help them remember the value of each domino. In another center, each child took a turn spinning a homemade wheel that had the same placements of dots to represent a number. The children then built the correct number of dots on a ten-frame using loose parts. On the other side of the classroom, the children explored colored heart patterns and enjoyed finding the correct group of numbers to connect the written number puzzle piece. 

In Science, Miss Britney’s hands-on demonstration of radiant and mechanical energy undoubtedly sparked excitement and curiosity among the children, in a simple yet engaging experiment involving a balloon and a lightbulb. The demonstration of rubbing the balloon on her head to generate static electricity and then holding it over a lightbulb illustrated the transfer of energy from mechanical (the rubbing action) to radiant (the light emitted by the bulb) forms.

With Miss Airry the children learned about temperature and predicted which color, red or blue, would move fastest through liquid.

In Music, the children sang This Little Light Of Mine with Miss Dena. They sang together as they passed a candle, and they shared thoughts of what makes you smile. Griffin said, “Playing with my brothers.” Hudson shared, “Playing on the playground.” 

Next Wednesday at the ice skating rink will be another great way to celebrate the children’s passions and interest in ice skating and playing hockey!!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Miss Gina and Miss Liz