Let’s Take to the Ice!

Friday, February 9th- No school Winter Break

February 13th – classes resume @ 10:00 am

Valentine’s Day: Here is the sign-up to provide items for the class party. Thank you to the families who signed up to provide items for our holiday party! We so appreciate your help! Please create a Valentine box, big enough to hold plenty of valentines, for our Valentine’s exchange on February 14th. You can label valentines with each classmate’s name if you would like or leave them blank. We are fine with either! If your child would like to label their cards, here is the list:



















March 2nd-11th – Spring Break (March 11 classes resume at 10:00 am)

Hello JK families,

This week we traded the plastic classroom ice rink for real ice!! The class field trip with the WCDS middle school to the Wheeling Park ice rink was a wonderful lesson in resilience for those learning to skate, and for those skilled skaters, a chance to test out their speed! What a great opportunity to laugh, learn and even occasionally cry together. Sometimes you have to fall down to know you can get back up! A big thank you to Mrs. Ochap and her students from the middle school for helping our young skaters bravely navigate the ice. And to parents, who laced up and joined us, you’re the best! Thank you for trusting in us and allowing your children to experience new things.

With the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day, just around the corner, we spent some time this week celebrating all things love! We started the conversation by reading the story, Share Your Love by Susan B. Katz. The story provides a mantra for yourself, family, friends, and all living creatures. “May you be protected and safe. May you feel happy and pleased. May your body be healthy, and may you live with ease.” We asked them to reflect on who they might share their love with…

“My cat whiskers.” -Regina

“My mom because I love her.”-Hudson

“I love my mom.”-Charlie 

“My cousins.” – Dermot

“Sophie my dog and my hamster, Whiskers, my Mommy.” Joanna 

“My whole family. Even my wrecking ball sister!”-Gemma 

“My cats, B and Rose.”- Griffin

“Playing with my sister.” -Savannah 

“I love my brother.” -Mia

“My chocolate lab Bentley.”- Isaac 

“I’d share my love with Brighton.”-Rowan

In art, the children learned about the collage technique and created collage hearts using colorful fabric and paint. They were also invited to create their very own valentine bouquet using dough, wooden clay stampers, and of course real flowers. The children quickly discovered they could dissect the flowers and press the petals into the dough to make an imprint! More flower petals, colorful water, gems, and pom poms were mixed together in our “love potion” center. To make the potions, the class was introduced to measuring cups and spoons as part of our next math unit. Here’s what they said while measuring and mixing!

“This will make love!” -Dermot

“I make love potion with flower petals.” -Rowan

“Flower potion!” – Mia 

“Love cross-bow potion.” -Charlie 

“I’m gonna make heart cakes.”-Joanna 

“I’m making science.” -Hudson

“We’re scientists!”-Isaac

“It’s weird, this water is like this then we dump it in here, and it turns like that!” -Roman

“Look it dried up fast.” Roman

“We’re wizards Miss Gina! We’ll get you to drink the potion.” Isaac

In literacy, each child was given a mailbox in our messaging center and lots of fun things to make valentines for their classmates. They were introduced to key words used around the holiday, such as “love,” “heart,” and “valentine.” The children were excited to check their mailboxes for valentines from their friends! We also took time to practice syllable counting, or counting the parts of a word that have a talking vowel. We practiced this first with our names and then sorted words that have one, two, three, and four syllables. The class also practiced letter writing in sand and sprinkles! It was a wonderful week filled with lots of love!

Have a wonderful winter break!

Miss Liz & Miss Gina