Lighting the Way

Important Dates: 

  • February – 9th-12th Winter Long Weekend 
  • February 13th – Classes Resume @ 10:00 AM
  • Wednesday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day Card Exchange 

The student’s, “Grammar Menus” have taken off and they are now designing them in Canva. Students now have their own Canva account associated with their school emails that they will be using throughout these last two trimesters. Our 5th grade class uses Canva often for projects so we are preparing them now to be successful! They do have the option over the long weekend to work on their projects. They will be presented on Wednesday and we can’t wait to see how they used their knowledge of grammar to craft eye-catching menus. 

The students’ budgeting project is almost finished. So far, they had to pick a family (married, single, with or without children), buy a house, buy a car, choose their Internet plan, buy a phone and wireless plan, and buy groceries. They are currently working towards totaling all of these expenses up and see what is left from their monthly income. They might have a surprise expense thrown at them when we start working on Tuesday!

In reading, we are finishing up with our two books, Bunnicula and Lawn Boy. They are enjoying these stories! Lawn Boy fits right in with our “money” projects and Bunnicual fits in with our persuasive writing project. We’ll switch books within the class when we return after break.

In Innovations, students were tasked with making a light that turned on and off. Students quickly realized how to turn the light but turning it off was a different story. Through trial, error, and many pieces of tape later, they seemed to figure it out. They have also started to research their favorite innovations to present to the class.

Don’t forget about our Valentine’s card exchange on Wednesday, February 14th. The students may bring in their Valentine’s box (if they made one) on Wednesday morning. A list of the 4th grade students will be in their yellow folder.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Grace and Stella