Euros, Pesos, Yens, and Dollars…Oh My!💶 💵 💷

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • March 2nd-11th – Spring Break (March 11 classes resume at 10:00 am)
  • Want to win a trip to Disney World?! It’s that time of year, again! Please check your child’s yellow folder for tickets and your chance to win!!! Tickets can also be purchased online using this link or stop by the office to buy more.

After a nice long weekend, the kids are always excited to share what they did. We love hearing about their adventures outside of school and it was a great way to kick off our Celebration of Love on Valentine’s Day. The students spent time admiring each other’s boxes, passing out personalized valentines, and enjoying a yummy snack. Thank you to all of the families that contributed to our celebration. It was lovely!

As we worked on the various components of our passports, including country stamps and passport seals, we shifted our focus to a new topic in Math that goes perfectly with our travels. Welcome to the wonderful world of money and time! Kicking it off with money, the students have already shown quite a bit of expertise. We discussed the different kinds of coins and bills and worked hard to mentally figure out different combinations to make $1.00. After reading the book Lemonade in Winter by Emily Jenkins and G. Brian Karas, the students were inspired to create their own kinds of shops in the classroom. Using our pretend money and various loose parts, they created little shopping experiences throughout the room. Some of them drive a hard bargain! You know we will be transforming a section of our classroom to support their interests!

In Phonics this week we finished up the alphabet, focusing on the letter Qq! The students learned that Qq always has a best friend, the letter Uu. They have been working so hard practicing their letter names and sounds and using them to sound out and blend short vowel words. We are so proud of them all!

We hope you have a nice weekend and see you on Monday!

Miss Claire and Miss Tylar