Here a Chick, There a Chick!

Important Dates: 

  • February 20th – Parent Coffee @ 8:30
  • February 23rd – Trimester 2 Ends 
  • February 27th – Parent Coffee @ 8:30
  • March 2nd-March 10th – Spring Break 
  • March 11th – Classes Resume at 10:00 am 

Grammar Menus have been presented! The students did a great job creating their first presentation on Canva. We are very proud of all of them for presenting in front of their classmates. We will continue to work on grammar and review skills that need strengthening. 

We will swap books between Bunnicula and Lawn Boy for the next two weeks. The students are working on making predictions, finding text evidence, and working on plot and storylines for both books.

We moved on to division this week in math. We explained how division facts are backward multiplication. The students also learned how to write division equations using the symbol, the bracket, and a fraction. They know each part of a division problem – the dividend, divisor, and quotient, and where to place each of these elements in each division equation. Next week, we’ll introduce the long division process. Please continue practicing the division facts with your child for at least 10 minutes daily.

In Innovations, students continued to research an invention they were the most curious about. They shared their findings with their classmates afterward. Some of the inventions researched were erasers, pencils, phones, and TVs. 
All our chicks have names! The students observed behaviors and documented how many times each ate or drank. We used their observations to determine a pecking order and identify possible roosters. Students are beginning to care independently for chicks as they learn how to fill the waterer and feeder and appropriately pick them up.