Hatching Happiness

Important Dates: 

  • February 28th – Parent Coffee 
  • March 2nd-March 10th – Spring Break 
  • March 11th – Classes Resume at 10:00 am 

This week in language arts, students reviewed prepositions and worked on writing a complete paragraph. Students reviewed prepositions by completing different activities both visual and verbal. For writing, each day is something new to write about! Students are given a simple prompt and then spend 10 minutes writing and self-editing their paragraphs. These are then shared and checked on the spot. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence, a closing sentence, and a total of five sentences. Be sure to check throughout the week for these papers as sometimes they will have a new individual goal written on them.

In reading, students have switched books, and each group is taking their literature circles deeper than just reading the words on the page. The Lawn Boy group has taken a special interest in stocks. They have inspired a lesson for the entire class to watch Disney and Apple stocks for the rest of the school year. The Bunnicula group shares a lot of laughs with Chester the cat’s humor while also learning about vampire history. 

Long division is here! The students are doing well with learning the long division process. They use their “buttons” (divide, multiply, subtract, bring down, new bracket, and repeat) to keep track of each step. You’ll see them write these buttons on every long division sheet and they will use them until they are comfortable with the process. Next week, we move on to three digits divided by 1 digit.

In Innovations, students wrapped up this deep dive by learning about the phone. They made their own “phones” by connecting two cups with a string. They discussed the evolution of the phone and looked at pictures of different models. Students also discussed how phones have brought us forward but not without faults. 

This week, students learned the basic anatomy of a chicken. We welcomed visitors to the 4th grade to meet our class chicks and share what we have learned during the project!

If you haven’t purchased Disney raffle tickets (Last week, we sent a couple of them home for you to purchase of sell) you can purchase them here: https://www.betterunite.com/WheelingCountryDaySchool-halloffame/eventitems#raffletickets

Enjoy the weekend!

Grace and Stella