Inventors and Inventions!


Important dates/notes:

  • Tuesday, Feb. 27th-Parent coffee chat @ 8:30 AM
  • Spring Break: March 2 – 10, with a late 10am start on March 11th. 
  • If anyone has a “spare” box of tissues to share, please send it to school with your kiddo. (Thanks!)


Fractions played a huge role in math this week. Using circles, rectangles, and equal shapes helped build a visual model. Building these fractions helped students understand the term “model to number.” On the flip side, students then learned “number to model.” Where they were given a fraction and they had to draw the equal picture! This week was just half the fun. Next week, we hope to bring real life representations to the fraction world! Students dabbled in prefixes this week, with the one and only…PRE-! We preheated, precleaned, previewed…..all before (ha!) concluding our lessons with a concept review. Students also tried definition building based on the book Frindle by making up our own words, just like Nick Allen – the character in the book! Deep dives saw the fruits of our labor as we held our highly anticipated Freeze Lab! We appreciate the support and participation from our parents, family members, and classmates of all ages who came to see us! Thank you!! As an added bonus, we visited with the new brood of chicks that were incubated right here in our fourth grade classroom at WCDS. What full, busy week we had. Whew!! 

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Have a nice weekend!  

Hanna, Paula, and Alissa