Million Dollar Ideas


Important Dates:

  • March 2nd – 10th – Spring break!
  • Monday, March 11th – classes resume at 10 am
  • Saturday, March 23rd – CELEBRATE!
  • Thursday, March 28th – 11:30 dismissal
  • March 29th – April 1st – Easter break
  • Tuesday, April 2nd – 10 am start

We’ve had a rich week over here in second grade! In Phonics, we tackled two sounds at once by learning that ow and oe can both say the long o sound. Ask your kiddos if they know the difference between toe and tow! In writing, we are working hard to wrap up our persuasive OREO stories. We are feeling wealthy in math this week as we kick off our unit on money. The kiddos learned the different coins there are, what presidents are on each coin, and how to count dimes and pennies. They’ll be ready for the bank in no time! Presentations have begun in our human body deep dive! Our kiddos have worked hard to create short presentations about the human body system their group studied. Now three groups have shown off their human body knowledge, and there are only three more to go! In kids in the kitchen, our small but mighty chefs made some delicious veggie stirfry! On Friday our kiddos got to experience third grade’s Inventors Lab, where they got to learn about all sorts of different inventors! It was a nice example where they picked up some tips and tricks 2nd grade can use when we do the ‘Who Was?’ project. Only one week left until spring break!!

Have a great weekend!

Laura, Carly, and Alli