“Play is the Highest Form of Research”

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March 2nd-10th – Spring Break

March 11th – Classes resume with a 10:00a.m. start

March 23rd – CELEBRATE WCDS!

March 28th – 11:30a.m. Early Dismissal

March 29th – April 1st – Easter Break

April 2nd – Classes Resume with a 10:00a.m. start

Hello JK families,

With the icy winter weather in the past, so too are our hockey explorations. We loved the enthusiasm the class shared as they learned the rules and played daily games together, made jerseys and even took to the real ice. Now we’re in search of our next direction! We decided to present the children with a variety of provocations, or experiences that expand a child’s interests based on meaningful observation. One provocation was centered around the idea of building and construction. They were given lots of open ended building materials including pipes, tubes, metal pieces, fabric, clips, lids and more. Tunnels, drainage systems, and play centers for animals were created in addition to lots of tinkering and categorizing of materials. The second invitation to explore centered around dramatic play. House center saw the addition of some fun new items for the children to try. An old computer, telephone, cash register, binoculars, and more were presented. The CD player was far and away the favorite new item because… IT WORKED!! It took some time and patience for the kids to figure it out but their determination and kindness when helping each other was wonderful to watch! They discovered that the switch had to be on “CD” not “Radio” and sometimes it really IS playing but the volume is just turned all the way down! The Macarena by Los Del Rio was a favorite song to play. In our third provocation we made the light center completely dark and presented the children with flashlights and a variety of objects in which to shine a light. Interestingly, each group of children that entered the center found old locks and keys the most intriguing. Suddenly the flashlights and locks made for the perfect ‘cops and robbers’ scenario and their imaginations took over! The last provocation was centered around the idea of collage. Many of the children love to cut and tape/glue to make artwork so we gave them a variety of surfaces and materials to do just that! We extended the surfaces from basic paper to the classroom windows and large pieces of cardboard. Some children created their own collage pieces while others worked collaboratively.

In Language and Literacy, the class worked on the sounds for Oo (short sound) and Jj. Each week we meet each child where they are in their literacy journey by continuing to work on specific skills with them in small focus groups.

In Math, we continued to practice subitizing skills up to ten. Each child was given a number and asked to match with the corresponding dot representation that was taped to a classroom chair. Oh the joy and excitement as they played this “musical chair-like” activity! The kiddos also created their own abacus by stringing beads onto pipe cleaners. We showed them how they can count by tens to get to their favorite number, 100!

In Science, the children learned about the life cycle of a chicken in preparation of meeting the new school chicks that recently hatched as part of the 4th grade science program. We will get to meet these little cuties next week!

In Art, the class learned about mosaics and made their own mosaic tiles by painting lasagna noodles! Once they dried, the children cracked them into smaller tiles and assembled them in a design on a round surface. The results were beautiful!

Wow, was it a beautiful week in Junior Kindergarten! Next week we plan to dive deeper into the interests of the children based on what we discovered during the presented provocations. Looking back on the week brings to mind a favorite quote from Fred Rogers. “Play is often talked about as if it were relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Liz & Miss Gina