We’ve Got Our Stamp of Approval✅

Upcoming Dates and Announcements

  • March 2nd-10th – Spring Break!
  • March 11th- Classes Resume, 10:00am Start
  • March 23rd- Celebrate!
  • Did somebody say Disney World?! You still have a chance to win!! Tickets can be purchased online using this link or stop by the office to buy more.

Did you know you can make stickers with just packing tape, water, and a laserjet printer?! Well ya can! We were all in awe as we watched a woman on Youtube explain how to create stickers using these 3 simple materials. What do stickers have to do with travel and passports you may ask…? What better way to make our stamps come to life than to turn them into stickers that then made their way to our passports. The kiddos were just glowing as they watched their drawings transform into beautiful stickers. Here is the video we used to make the magic happen (if you’re up for the challenge at home)! While some were working on getting their legal work done, others were busy blueprinting and building. We saw a fabulous Colosseum built out of red solo cups, a blueprint of a statue of Bluey being built by Bluey, the CN tower built out of pvc blocks, and so much more The passion this group displays for everything we’ve studied thus far is truly remarkable. It makes it so hard for us to decide where to go next. Luckily for us, there’s no rush! We fully intend to continue our exploring of structures and all things travel. Good thing we’ve got that stamp of approval!

The joy, laughter, and creativity they bring to the classroom each week make our days worth our weight in gold! Speaking of gold, our money experts are on their way to becoming some serious accountants or financial advisors… depends on who ya ask and when. The kiddos are able to identify coins by name and value as well as using a combination of them to create specific amounts. They are also doing the same thing with dollar bills! We will continue to expand our money knowledge next week.

Before we turned it over to the chilly weekend, where we’ll be all “cooped up” inside, we decided to get out of the classroom and meet some chicks! They’ve grown quite a bit since our first encounter with them hatching a few weeks back. The kiddos were so happy to pet them and see them “IN REAL LIFE!”. Special thanks to our fourth grade friends who were wonderful hosts and quite the chicken experts.

Have a great weekend,
Miss Tylar & Miss Claire