Hello Frank, Nice to Meet You!

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • Friday, March 1- Little Explorers and We Two will be held on our main campus in the Community Room. Normal times will resume. When you come up the colored stairs, proceed forward and turn right to come onto the loop road. Pass the gym on the left and enter the Community Room through the double red doors across from the playground.
  • Friday, March 8- School is closed for Spring Break

What a special session we had today! First off, we love combining Little Explorers with We Two, having all of our youngest learners together. Secondly, we want to shout out a huge “Thank you” to Miss Courtney at the Schrader Center for creating such a wonderful space for us to explore. We loved seeing the students, to name just a few, climbing in beaver dens, throwing “snowballs” into multi-leveled buckets, animal watching with binoculars, creating whimsical scenes with yummy-smelling playdough and natural materials, and gently getting to know Frank, the turtle. It was a fantastic set-up of authentic and real materials, something we strive to offer to all of our students at WCDS. We thank you for sharing in this lovely day with us and cannot wait to see you all next time.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Claire, Miss Linda, and Miss Stephanie