Who escaped the Escape Room?


Upcoming Dates:

  • March 1 – Spring Break Begins! Class dismissed at 3:00 pm. After care available.
  • March 10 – Classes resume at 10:00 am. Before care available. 
  • March 12 – DARE Graduation at 2:00 p.m. at WCDS Branch Campus in Downtown Wheeling at West Virginia Northern. Classes will be held all day at WVNCC. Parents are invited to attend graduation at 2:00 pm! Be sure to let us know if your child needs a ride to and from WVNCC for before or after care.
  • March 13 – Lego Robotics Contest! 1:00 pm in the Community Room . Families can watch on Livestream or come in person. 
  • March 23 – CELEBRATE! Standing in the Hall of Fame! Buy your raffle tickets today! Your children were sent home with two, but if you need more just let us know!
  • March 28 – Early Dismissal for Easter Break at 11:30 am
  • April 2 – Classes Resume at 10:00 am.

Language Arts:

  • Continued our poetry unit and wrote freestyle poems 
  • Gave presentations on the 1960’s and various aspects of the Civil Rights Movement 
  • Continued reading “One Crazy Summer”
  • Completed Aimsweb testing for Language Arts 


  • Learned to convert fractions to decimals and vice versa
  • Continued working on simplifying fraction 
  • If students do not have their multiplication facts memorized and fluent, they will continue to struggle through more advanced problems the remainder of the year 


Our 5th grade class had the unique experience of spending Tuesday’s Leadership class “interviewing” the prospective head of school candidate. They fired questions at him, all while practicing self control and remaining focused, professional, and on task. Our most favorite question to Mr. Hoye? “One of my favorite things about WCDS is the ability to go outside and learn outdoors. Do you value the same sort of outdoor education and would you continue to allow us to do that?” Such an insightful question from Georgia! Our last day of Leadership on Thursday provided for a truly unique and special experience. The students participated in an escape room with the focus being collaboration, group work, and encouraging others. Throughout the process, students got sent to the barn if they were taking on too much responsibility and not working with their group. The entire class worked so well together, encouraged each other, and escaped! It was a fantastic experience with them during this trimester during our Leadership Deep Dive and can’t wait to see how they continue to grow as leaders and learners the rest of their fifth grade year!

Lego Robotics:

With just 3 classes until competition, the atmosphere is heating up! Teams are still welcome to schedule extra time from 750-820 or 3-330 daily. If they are choosing to use these times, they will be with an adult and not charged for before or after care. The competition is set for Wednesday March 13 at 1pm and will be live streamed on the school YouTube page.