Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What Are They Feeding You?

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March 2nd-10th – Spring Break

March 11th – Classes resume with a 10:00a.m. start

March 23rd – CELEBRATE WCDS!

March 28th – 11:30a.m. Early Dismissal

March 29th – April 1st – Easter Break

April 2nd – Classes Resume with a 10:00a.m. start

Good Morning Families,

At the beginning of the week, the children continued to explore four provocations filled with building materials, flashlights, small locks and keys, and small materials to make collage art. We noticed that every nook and cranny of the classroom was transforming. These open-ended activities unleashed the children’s creative sides. As we observed the children working with the materials provided, we watched them immerse themselves in a world centered around cats! The building materials were used for cat houses and cat leashes. The flashlights were used for cat toys as the “kitties” (the children) were chasing the lights, the collage art was cat drawings and the locks and keys were used to trap the kitties, in jail. So, ladies and gentlemen, our next study will be CATS!  We kicked off the new study by reading the story, Cookie’s Week by Cindy Ward. The book was about a mischievous cat and his adventures around the house. He even plays in the toilet!! Then, we interviewed the children to give them the opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts on what is needed to start a cat study. We invited the children to start designing their cat houses with loose parts and drawings of cats! 

“It’s a Kitty Road.” Mia 

“That’s the kitty bowl. Food and water!”Caston

“Someone fill the kitty bowl.” Rowan

Meow meow meow!” Joanna 

“Ok, Joanna cone get a kitty drink.” Mia 

“Pretend we are cats and this is how we talk to each other.” Jackson 

“A construction site for kitties.” Winston 

“Did you like your special delivery?” Mia 

“Delivery! Delivery!” Caston

“The mail shop! Come and buy whatever you want.” Joanna 

“Are you selling ice cream?” Cora 

“You can’t buy whatever you want you have to order from your phone.” Mia 

“Ok, I ordered!” Rowan

“Pick it up, here’s your delivery.” Joanna 

This week we had a special visitor, Officer John, and his pal Daron the Lion. Officer John displayed a few posters for the children to observe. The posters were full of children’s facial expressions and children playing on a playground. He talked about how recognizing others’ facial expressions can help us build a positive classroom community. He talked about including others and shared, “Getting along with others is free.”  He asked the class, what are some of our classroom rules? Gemma shared, “ Don’t be mean.” While Joanna and Regina shouted, “Don’t make fun of people and laugh at them.” A big thank you to Officer John for taking time out of his day to visit us and support our goal of kindness in the classroom. We know the children will continue to build their interpersonal skills and show respect to each other. 

In Miss Britney’s science class, the children had an engaging and informative week exploring chickens! After reading Chickens Aren’t The Only Ones by Ruth Heller we learned about other egg-laying animals. The story was a fantastic way to introduce to children the concept of oviparous creatures that lay eggs. Here at WCDS, you all know we like to provide our children with hands-on activities and experiences. To celebrate our chicken lessons, we had the opportunity to visit the fourth-grade class, and see their pet chickens!