Spring is Near!


Important Dates:

  • March 2nd – 10th – Spring break!
  • Monday, March 11th – classes resume at 10 am
  • Saturday, March 23rd – CELEBRATE!
  • Thursday, March 28th – 11:30 dismissal
  • March 29th – April 1st – Easter break
  • Tuesday, April 2nd – 10 am start

Hello families!

What a wild week we had!  We started out with spring weather and were able to do a lot of outdoor learning.  Then the storms brought back the colder winter weather.  

We wrapped up a fantastic Black History Month filled with a lesson about a new inspiring person each morning.  Miss Danver put together the most fantastic booklet for each student with all of the people we studied!  Check it out!!  

Our phonics sound was er.  We learned how it can be found anywhere in a word but also serve as a suffix to change a verb into a noun.  We didn’t have a new recipe for kids in the kitchen but we did tie in math where we created restaurants and students had to pay for the meals they ordered!  The students were also introduced to writing friendly letters.  They practiced by writing to a secret classmate.  They came up with the kindest things to write to each other!  Our human body systems deep dive is officially over so we took the time to plant seeds for the garden.  Shoebox bins full of different veggie seeds are sitting in our window sills.  Hopefully they sprout soon!  It will take them time to grow so we’ll have the opportunity to dive into some other topics in the meantime.  

Have the most relaxing spring break!  We will see you soon!

Laura, Carly, and Alli