Springing into Fun!

Important Dates:  

  • March 2nd-March 10th – Spring Break 
  • March 11th – Classes Resume at 10:00 am
  • March 14th – Pi Day
  • March 23rd – Celebrate: WCDS – Hall of Fame
  • March 28 – 11:30 early dismissal for Easter Long Weekend
  • March 29 – April 1 – No School, Easter Long Weekend
  • April 2 – Classes Resume at 10:00 am

We leave for spring break this weekend, knowing that the chickens are roosting in their temporary home at Mrs. Farris’s farm. While the weather is still cold and nights freezing, the chickens will spend their time inside until they can be moved to the WCDS chicken coop outside.

Following the student’s enthusiasm with watching the stock exchange, the class spent time researching three companies of their choice in preparation for “investing” in those companies. They will each track the stock of their choice every Friday until May. After a few weeks, they will calculate their profits or losses. The students are also prepping for “Pi Day” on Thursday, March 14. They were given a list of 500 Pi digits. We are challenging them to memorize as many digits as they can. This is a 4th grade tradition, with a record of 151 digits memorized. They may ask you for help with practicing these numbers. Be prepared! The first digits – 3.14159 may be running through your head continuously this week!

For Leap Day on February 29th, the students were excited to learn the reason why we have an extra day this year. With the help of Miles (spinning as the Earth), and Carter (beaming brightly with jazz hands) as the sun, they recreated the rotations of Earth revolving around the sun.

The class completed reading Bunnicula and Lawn Boy this week. They learned about the elements of a story using a plot mountain diagram. They identified the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion of each book.

Check out Great News Episode 5 to see what our entire school has been up to this week! https://youtu.be/ZAoeMaUifqQ

A note from Miss Dena in Music class:

Our students will be beginning an Instrument Creation Project next week, and will be collecting some DIY materials to bring to class. 

Ask your student what they may need to bring to contribute to their group.  We are excited to see what they design and build for this fun lesson!

Thank you in advance for your help! 

We hope you have a safe, relaxing, and fun spring break! Enjoy!

Grace and Stella