Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • March 2nd-10th- Spring Break.
  • Classes resume at 10:00 on Monday, March 11th.
  • Saturday, March 23rd is Celebrate! We hope to see you all there! If you aren’t attending, you can still buy raffle tickets for Disney and bid online for auction items. Click here for information!
  • March 28th – 11:30a.m. Early Dismissal
  • March 29th – April 1st – Easter Break
  • April 2nd – Classes Resume with a 10:00a.m. start
  • Wednesdays are our library days.  Please return any books your child has finished reading on this day. Sign up here to be a Guest Reader!
  • Thursdays are Preschool’s walk your child to class day.  Feel free to park at the shelter and join us for our daily discovery time if your schedule allows! 
  • We have friends with allergies and are a nut-free classroom. 
  • Beforecare is available in the gym from 7:30- 8:20, and aftercare from 3:30-5:00.
  • Teacher Email: mshah@wcdsedu.com, awolle@wcdsedu.com, aschultz@wcdsedu.com 

Hello Preschool Families!

Fred Roger’s once said “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” This week the Preschoolers learning was nothing short of momentous! We traveled to the Desert this week as we introduced the next habitat of our studies. The kiddos practiced their number sense as we read the story “Over on a Desert Somewhere in the World”. They counted their way around the world starting in the Arabian Desert with 1 Kangaroo, moving their way with the Javelina and her little six reds to the Sonoran Desert and eventually ending in the Sahara Desert with a clever desert fox and his 10 little kits. The children were also intrigued as they learned the names of different baby animals! Our focus letter this week was … you guessed it “D” for desert… oh and… daisy, dad, dolly, dinosaur, dog, Doug , Dustin, deer and Dax! After the children were finished giving us words that began with D they practiced writing their upper and lower case D’s in none other than the desert sand!

We also read the story “Desert Night and Desert Day” The students compared and contrasted the Desert during the day and night. They learned that the Desert is extremely hot during the day and below freezing at night. They learned that whether it is sun up or sun down the desert is always alive with animals and we discussed what types of animals can be found in the desert. They learned that animals that are out during the night are known as nocturnal animals and those that are out during the day are known as diurnal animals.

Forrest- “A butterfly is diurnal because I see it flutter in the day”

Dax- “I think I know that a scorpion is nocturnal”

Sophia -“A creepy snake is diurnal”

Parker – “The owl is definitely nocturnal!”

The children then were given two scrolls of paper, paint sticks and tempera paint to create a canvas of the desert sky in the day and the desert sky at night. The beautiful contrasts of greens, blues and purples for the night sky and yellows, oranges and blues to represent the day sky have now become a beautiful back drop.

Inspired by one of the areas that makes the desert so unique we decided to explore it further and try something new… We painted with sand! “I’ve never done this before ” Noah stated. “It feels so weird!” Ollie exclaimed. Swirls of red, orange, brown, gold, and peach paints were mixed into bowls of sand to create the look of the desert floor. The children used paint brushes, sponges and well… their hands, to fill the bare white sheet with beautiful hues and textures to create our sand dune. Lucas thought glitter would add the perfect finishing touch it needed… we all agreed!

While the weather was not everyone’s favorite this week, in true Preschool fashion, we embraced it! Some say when life gives you lemons make lemonade but in Preschool we say “when life gives you rain, make mud cakes!” They squished, splashed and squealed in delight, and as always, reminded us, there are no bad days, it’s all about what you make of it!

We hope that wherever you spend your break, whether it be in the snowy mountains, on the sunny beaches or in the comfort of your own home, that you relish in the warmth that your child brings.

See you soon Preschool!

Miss Arden, Miss Meredith and Miss Airry