Spring or Not Spring?

Important Dates:  

  • March 22nd – If donating, filled eggs for Spring Egg Hunt due 
  • March 23rd – Celebrate: WCDS – Hall of Fame
  • March 28th – School wide Spring Egg Hunt
  • March 28th – 11:30 early dismissal (No Aftercare) for Easter Long Weekend
  • March 29th – April 1 – No School, Easter Long Weekend
  • April 2nd – Classes Resume at 10:00 am

This week, we returned from spring break with enthusiasm and optimism that spring is upon us—or is it? We enjoyed being outdoors in the bright sun and warm temperatures. We are hoping that the temperatures will stay on the warmer side so that our chicken friends can come back home!

In reading, students started their novel study for, “The Wild Robot.” As we read this book, students are challenged to not only define new vocabulary but to then use them accurately. They are also building upon the knowledge of answering comprehension questions in complete sentences and using text evidence. We are looking for clear and concise answers as they are getting closer and closer to becoming a fifth grader! 

In math, we continued practicing the long division process. The students are now dividing 3-digit numbers by 1-digit. Next week, we’ll use the inverse operation of division (multiplication) to check the division answers. The students also followed the stock market prices of their companies and calculated the gain or loss of each stock. Some of the kids were surprised at the amount of money they made on their stock. Levi was bummed about losing $36.10 on his Tesla stock while Julian and Braelynn were happy to make money on all three of their companies. Pi Day was this week, and the kids demonstrated their memorizing abilities by studying the digits of Pi. Congrats to Camille who memorized a whopping 91 digits!

Students have started to study the regions of the United States. They began with the Midwest where they not only labeled the state’s capitols but also researched the region’s natural resources, most populated cities, popular highways, and national parks/historic sites. Next week we will travel to the west region! 

This week students practiced the 5 steps of the stem design process. We began with an independent project – can you fit through an index card? Then we tried out a small group challenge – who can make the longest chain? We learned the importance of brainstorming and planning before we start creating. 

Week 1 is in the books! Leaders finalized their teams and before they could even exhale, boom, flooding, food shortages, and a crisis aboard the International Space Station. I am proud of the fourth grade for leaning into a new experience. This is the first time in 11 years that a class has solved a crisis on the first day of gameplay. A major shout out to the World Banker and each member of the United Nations for brokering the deal. At the conclusion of play on Wednesday, I reminded students to not carry the stresses of the game with them. I asked for disagreements about the game to stop when the game stops. I hope that if you hear these stresses at home, you can help your child take a step back. I look forward to continuing gameplay when we return on Monday. Keep up the great work, 4th Grade.

This year for our school-wide Spring Egg Hunt, we are asking for your help. If you would like to donate a dozen eggs filled with candy, stickers, or small toys, our fifth graders will hide them for each of the classes on the morning of Thursday, March 28th. If you are able to help, please send the filled eggs to school with your child by next Friday, March 22nd. 

Check out the WCDS News! https://youtu.be/tOLWjhJxduc