Guess who remembered to do this. (Insert Jeb Bush “please clap” quotation here)


I may not be great at a lot, but I am elite bringing up oddly specific political references that nobody gets. Any way… It has been such a pleasure visiting eighth graders at their internships. This is my first year as a mentor, and I am blown away by the maturity shown by this year’s eighth grade. We truly are putting our best foot forward in the community sending such impressive ambassadors into local businesses.

Upcoming Dates

Saturday, March 23rd Celebrate WCDS (Round of applause for Meme… I mean Meagan Coffman)

Thursday, March 28th is an 11:30 dismissal (No Aftercare)

Classes resume at 10 am on April 2nd

Music w/ Mrs. Chelsey – We are seeing light at the end of the tunnel with our song!! We now have both verses, as well as our rap section recorded! We have one more part to go, some editing, and finally putting our song along with our music video!! Very exciting stuff!

Elective w/ Mr. Jividen- Adulting 101 is underway. It was entertaining to brainstorm what adult things students would like to learn! We started talking about investing, but the kids are most excited to try their hand at cooking.