What an eggcellent week!


Important Dates:

  • March 29th – April 1st – Easter break
  • Tuesday, April 2nd – 10 am start
  • Friday, April 19th- 11:30 dismissal 

It was a short but busy week!  We spent a lot of time sharpening previous taught skills and typing up loose ends.  The kiddos are wrapping up their Magic Tree House book reports and a few even gave their presentations! A lot of the compare and contrast writing pieces are displayed on our wall! In deep dive, we talked about weathering and erosion.  We did a cool experiment showcasing the ways wind, rain, and icebergs can affect our terrain.  This week in kids in the kitchen, we made deviled eggs in honor of Easter.  We talked about how eggs are a great source of protein and learned some of our friends even have fresh eggs from chickens at home!  We wrapped up the week with the annual egg hunt! What a way to end the week!!

Happy Easter! We will see you Tuesday at 10am!