Hoppy Day!


Important dates/notes:

  • Spring/Easter Long Weekend: March 29 – April 1st
  • Tuesday, April 2nd – 10:00 AM Late Start
  • “The deadline for the Virtual Talent Show is rapidly approaching! The virtual talent show will be released Wednesday April 10th. Videos should be no longer than 60 seconds and should be edited and formatted before submission.  If there is an issue with your video, I will reach out. The deadline for video submissions is **Monday April 1st.**Please send all videos to talentshow@wcdsedu.com Thank you and we can’t wait to see what the kiddos have to offer this year!

Hello 3rd Grade!

Although it was just a fraction of a week, we used every minute to our advantage. Speaking of fractions, we finished up with equivalent fractions and moved on to comparing fractions. We began by taking a look at two fractions with the same denominator, but different numerators. Students drew models and comparisons on white boards and also used graph paper to work with even more examples. As a challenge, we drew two models made of six squares each and used knowledge of equivalents to show how ⅓ and 2/6 are the “same” amount. 

During ELA time, we hopped back to an old spelling rule known as the 1:1:1 rule. This can be described as a word having 1 syllable, 1 vowel, and 1 consonant after the vowel. If all of those are true then the last consonant gets doubled! See if your child can name you an example. Grammar activities and lessons were focused on subject-verb agreement. Students learned about identifying the tenses of nouns and verbs to make sure they compliment each other. Literature circles wrapped up this week leaving everyone wanting more! (Yes!)  Several of the books are part of a series and several students asked for the next book to read on their own. Others desired to read books with similar themes. This final round of literature circles was a success in that it ignited a new fire for reading! 

During our geology deep dive, students examined different types of landforms. They tried their hand at matching pictures of landforms to a written description. Once that puzzle was complete, the correct answers revealed that they knew more about landforms than they thought! Way to go! With only one day remaining for WV studies, students collectively participated in their favorite quiz show: Kahoot! They’ve been eager to test their knowledge of WV trivia and faced the challenge boldly. Excitement filled the classroom as the kiddos delighted in knowing nearly all of the correct answers! 

Last but not least, we ended our short week with an egg hunt! Students searched the campus for eggs and each egg they found had a special treat. We even got to hide them for the fourth and fifth graders! How EGGciting! 

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Have a great spring weekend!

See you Tuesday at 10AM.   

Hanna, Paula, and Alissa