March 24 – 5th Grade Promotion! 10:00 a.m. Please drop students off at 8:45 like normal and report back to the gym at 10:00. No aftercare this day.

Next week will be a casual dress week. If your child chooses, we are also doing a spirit week with a different theme each day. 

Monday – Favorite team/sport/musician

Tuesday – Favorite color

Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday – crazy hair/socks/clothes

Thursday – Field Day shirts (bring a swimsuit or wear it under your clothes) Shirts will be handed out next week.

Friday – 5th Graders should wear formal attire for their promotion.

Field Day is right around the corner! Buy your duck today!! Make sure to get your student a duck or 5 so they can join in the 2024 Duck Race.   Please have the form filled out and pay by Monday, May 20th.  We have also opened the duck race up to Middle School students!  https://forms.gle/Nk1JzWPAgjvMA37w6

Follow this link to order a YEARBOOK for the 2023-2024 school year!  https://www.treering.com/purchase?PassCode=1013147536424633

Weekly Recap:
As we approach the end of the school year, it’s a time for reflection and celebration in our classroom! Our students have been busy, wrapping up their state reports and putting the finishing touches on their poetry notebooks. It’s been a joy to witness their creativity and dedication shine through in these projects. Additionally, our young scholars have been honing their public speaking skills as they write and perfect their speeches for our upcoming promotion ceremony. With each word crafted and each idea polished, they’re gearing up to impress us all with their eloquence and confidence.

But that’s not all! In between all the excitement, our students have also been mastering practical skills, including learning how to measure volume and converting various units of measurements. From gallons to quarts, inches to feet, they’ve tackled these challenges with enthusiasm and determination. As we head into the final week of school, let’s take a moment to applaud our students’ hard work and achievements throughout the year. Here’s to a fantastic end to the school year and a summer filled with fun, growth, and new adventures!

A Special Thank You!

We want to provide a special thank you to Dr. Caruso for providing our class with caterpillars and the required supplies so we could watch them turn to butterflies! We had 10 cocoons, and out came 8 butterflies! Two of them, Steven and Flapper, have weak wings and are still receiving TLC from the class. Our remaining butterflies, Eminem, Popcorn, Ant Man, Snoop Dog, and Stewart San Francisco California Jr. the First, and GOAT were released into the wild.

Farewell, JoJo X!

  • May 23rd – WCDS Field Day 
  • May 24th – 5th Grade Promotion at 10:00 am 🙂 The students should dress up for this event.

Update as of 5:00 pm on 5/10/2024 – JojoX has not been found. The recovery team has located the GPS tracker, but the payload hit a tree and broke in half and remains undiscovered. They have returned home and will try again.

Language Arts:

  • Worked on 5th grade promotion speeches
  • Finished poetry masterpieces
  • Worked on state reports


  • Multiplying and dividing fractions
  • Conversions and measurement of customary lengths 
  • Emphasis on interpreting remainders in real world measurements

Our 8th grader, Addilyn Snodgrass is currently an intern with the Oglebay Good Zoo. As part of her Capstone project, she is running an art contest next Saturday, May 18th. If your child is interested in participating, here are the details:  Join us for an exciting Art Show at the Oglebay Good Zoo, where kids ages 6-9 and 10-14 bring in an art piece inspired by their favorite animal at the zoo made from any art style you prefer–painting, drawing, or even sculpture! Your child is welcome to drop off their creations (labeled with name and grade) in the main office at WCDS or at the Good Zoo anytime next week. The Art Show will be on Saturday, May 18th. Visitors and participants can come in and vote on their favorite piece. The winner will get their project displayed in the lobby with the winner’s name, grade, what animal it is, and what it’s made out of.

Edge has teamed up with the Dyslexia Alliance for Black Children (DABC) to offer various workshops to staff, sites, parents, and caregivers in the coming months. The first Summer Literacy Club workshop will be held on May 23rd at 6 PM. It will provide families with ways to facilitate literacy learning throughout the summer. If you cannot attend live, if you register, you will be sent the recording to watch at your convenience. 

One Week from Weather Balloon Launch!

  • May 10th – Last Parent Coffee with Liz at 8:30 am in the Community Room and WEATHER BALLOON LAUNCH at 10:00 am!! 
  • May 23rd – WCDS Field Day 
  • May 24th – 5th Grade Promotion at 10:00 am 🙂 

This week in fifth grade has been quite eventful! We finished up our Aimsweb testing, making sure to put our best efforts forward. In math, we’ve been diving into the world of multiplying fractions, sharpening our skills in this challenging area. We continued working on our state reports and researching in our books and now online as well. Show and tell got a little more adventurous when Brynn brought in his pet snake for everyone to meet! And hold onto your hats because we’re gearing up to launch our weather balloon soon, exploring the science of the skies firsthand. It’s been a week full of learning and excitement, and we can’t wait to see what next week holds as we countdown to summer.

Language Arts:

  • Worked on our state reports
  • If I Were in Charge of the World poem


  • Multiplying fractions by “cross reducing” first
  • Look for a unit “quiz” in your child’s yellow folder

Weather Balloon:

JoJoX is heading to the launch pad in just one week! Our teams are shifting into ‘launch mode’ with our focus now on final preparations, designs, and tests, all with the big day in mind. This week, we plan to test our new parachute, confirm our GPS signal strength, and incorporate new equipment into our design. Our big attempt this year will be to use a new 9 foot invisible selfie stick to grab what will look like drone footage of the entire project (balloon to payload) from 90k feet! If we pull it off, we may just find ourselves with the best visuals we, or any other balloon project, have ever captured! What a way to mark 10 years.

Social Studies/Local Issues:

Students were tested on the states, capitals, and abbreviations of the Midwest region of the United States this week. We will be moving on to the Southeast next week and plan to wrap up the rest of the US before the end of the year! In Local Issues, students continued on with their class discussions regarding the mayoral election and relevant topics that candidates debate to earn the vote of the people.

Keep Clean and Keep Writing!

  • May 3rd – Early Dismissal at 11:30 am. Aftercare available. No lunch. 
  • May 10th – Parent Coffee at 8:30 am and WEATHER BALLOON LAUNCH at 10:00 am!! 
  • May 23rd – WCDS Field Day 
  • May 24th – 5th Grade Promotion at 10:00 am 🙂 

Next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, WCDS students will be taking our final round of Aimsweb testing. We ask that all students be sure to charge their computers each night and are prepared with a good breakfast every morning. Testing will not be all day but a majority of the morning. Students should also have a snack and a water bottle like any other day. We just want to be sure we are setting them up for success. 

This week has been nothing short of exciting. On Monday, we celebrated Earth Day with a campus wide clean-up. As we filled bags with litter, we not only cleaned up our surroundings but also learned firsthand the impact of our actions on Earth. Additionally, we dived deeper into our state reports, each student immersing themselves in one of the United States, bolstering their research with non-fiction texts. To add to that, we tackled the intricacies of multiplying fractions, reaching yet another mathematical milestone. On Thursday, we embarked on a journey around the world to celebrate International Day. Madame McAteer transformed our campus into a global hub of learning as we delved into diverse countries and cultures, broadening our perspectives along the way. Amidst all this, we continued to hone our writing craft. The week wrapped up as we showcased our creative prowess in our second poetry slam, where heartfelt verses filled the air, thanks to the supportive presence of our parents.

Language Arts:

  • Working on reading state books, taking notes, and creating a state report
  • Adverb poetry
  • Adverbs 


  • Began a new chapter with multiplying fractions 
  • Learned new simplification techniques for multiplication 
  • Reviewed converting mixed and improper fractions 

Social Studies/Local Issues:

This week, students worked on a variety of various social studies topics during Local Issues. In class we discussed the current mayoral election happening in Wheeling. This led to discussion about what each student’s priorities would be if they were mayor for a day. We also are continuing on with our state capitals lessons and will be tested on the midwest region early next week! 

Weather Balloon 

This week, the public relations group constructed emails that they sent out to local organizations asking for donations to fund the project. The weather and safety team had to brainstorm ideas for their station on launch day. Recovery tracked the predictions of where our balloon may land to try and help establish a plan for launch day! A list was made by the recovery team for what they may need.

*Title for this blog by Addison Eddy.

Collaborative Cooking with Calculations

  • Thursday, April 25th – International Day!  Please email our PFA president, Brittany Taylor bpadlow@gmail.com, to volunteer. More information below.
  • May 3rd – Early Dismissal at 11:30 am. Aftercare available. No lunch. 
  • May 10th – Parent Coffee at 8:30 am WEATHER BALLOON LAUNCH at 10:00 am!! 
  • May 24th – 5th Grade Promotion at 10:00 am 🙂 

We will be celebrating International Day at school this Thursday, April 25th.   There will be about ten or eleven stations headed by natives of Germany, Morocco, Italy, Ukraine, Russia and other exotic countries, who will share interesting snippets from their respective cultures with the children.  We will begin right after lunch, and end with a buffet of snacks from around the world by 3:00 pm.  Children are encouraged to wear national dress from any country.

This week, our classroom was filled with exciting activities and valuable lessons! We delved into real world math problems, exploring numbers, fractions, and measurements through a collaborative cooking show. Additionally, we tapped into our creative side by writing poetry, expressing our thoughts and feelings through words. We continued our essay writing skills as we worked hard to complete a four paragraph essay in four days. Collaboration was key as we embarked on group projects, learning the importance of teamwork and communication. Moreover, we dedicated time to enhancing our behavior management skills, focusing on practicing self-control and understanding the expectations for middle school. We were lucky to see a few nice days of weather at the beginning of the week that allowed us access to the creek during recess. It was a week of growth, learning, and camaraderie as we start to wrap up our journey together in fifth grade.

Language Arts:

  • Literary Essay on the novel, Because of Mr. Terupt
  • Wrote “shape poems”
  • Began our state reports (Ask your child which state he/she chose)
  • Enjoyed our first ever “Poetry Slam” for parents. We will do another one soon. 


  • Embarked on a cooking show themed math adventure as we worked on real world problems to add and subtract various fractions 
  • Students worked in one group all week long and were graded on not only their math but also their collaborative efforts, note taking, and handwriting. 
  • Friday’s class was spent making our own Sprinkle Chow! We worked with our teams to measure out the recipe and enjoyed it all together as a class before early dismissal 

Weather Balloon:

Things are heating up in Weather Balloon as our groups have made great progress in the last week. With launch scheduled for May 10, we are rapidly approaching a lot of our deadlines. Sponsorship letters have been drafted by PR, the parachute, balloon, and other equipment has been ordered by R&D, and launch has prepared a solid launch day procedure to follow. The weather and safety team has been working hand in hand with every group to promote a successful and legal launch, while recovery is using a high altitude balloon predictor to pinpoint where we expect the balloon to travel. In the upcoming weeks, look for posts on social media to promote JoJo X.

Local Issues:

In Local Issues with Mr. Jividen, the class discussed local elections that will be held in Wheeling on May 14th. The group discussed city budgeting and what that may look like if they were in charged. They shared lots of great ideas but weren’t all that practical about what they’d like to fund! We also discussed requirements and restrictions for who can run for which office in the USA. 

Eclipse AND a Field Trip?!

  • Friday, April 19th – Early Dismissal at 11:30 am. 
  • Thursday, April 25th – International Day! Check your email for a message from Madame McAteer! 
  • May 3rd – Early Dismissal at 11:30 am

We were so happy to “see” some of you at our eclipse viewing on Monday! The students had an exciting day learning about the eclipse and all that it entails. We tracked it throughout the day and were delighted to spend this experience with our entire school community. 

On Wednesday, we ventured to Pittsburgh to the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History. However, we mustn’t forget our stop at the french bakery so we were able to snack on chocolate croissants as we arrived and waited. Once in the museum, the students were given a tour where we were able to observe and reflect on famous pieces by Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. The students conducted themselves beautifully throughout the entire experience. We then tested our art skills with water colors after a brief lesson taught by the art educators at Carnegie before we made the trek back to main campus. 

Thursday provided even more experiential education when we met Selma! She is an international student studying at West Virginia Northern Community College and came to share some insights about her home country and culture. She was brought to us via Mrs. Kowcheck and is connected to the class we Zoomed with over Christmas break! Our students really enjoy learning about other cultures and countries around the world. We even took our first states and capitals test on Friday! Students have hopefully mastered the capitals and locations of the northeast region of the United States and will begin learning about the midwest next week. 

Don’t forget we have an alternate schedule next Friday with an early dismissal at 11:30 and no lunch service.

Language Arts:

  • Finished our class novel, Mr. Terupt
  • Feel free to order the sequels:  Mr. Terupt falls Again and Saving Mr. Terupt
  • Wrote eclipse poetry (dark to light metaphor!)


  • Learned how to regroup and borrow with fractions! 
  • Assessed our skills on subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators and mixed numbers 
  • If you feel obliged, we are looking for white white chocolate chips, chex cereal, powdered sugar, funfetti cake mix, and sprinkles for next Friday’s class. We will spend the week manipulating all sorts of fractions in real world problems as we host our own “Cooking Show”. We will then spend the morning on Friday making our own Sprinkle Chow! 

Be sure to save the 2024-2025 calendar for next school year!

– Katie and Kristina

Rain, rain, go away…

Monday, April 8 – Eclipse Viewing at MAIN CAMPUS – Dismissal CHANGE

On Monday afternoon, WCDS students will gather to view the solar eclipse from 3:00-3:30. Middle school students will be transported to 8 Park Rd, and we will all share in the wonder together. The school has purchased glasses for every child to wear and we joined together today (Friday) for an assembly, learning more about the eclipse and explaining the potentially harmful effects of viewing the eclipse without the necessary protection. 

Due to the timing, the alternative options for dismissal for everyone are as follows– pick your child up from the office before 3:00, join us on the field from 3:00-3:30 for the viewing, or wait until the gate opens at 3:30 to come through and pick up your child.

No student will be charged for aftercare until 4:00 pm on Monday due to the late start to dismissal.

Wednesday, April 10th – Carnegie Field Trip 5th, 6th & 7th graders

Mr. Kalcum and Madame McAteer have organized a combined Art/French field trip to Carnegie Museum of Art on Wednesday, April 10th for our 5th – 7th graders.  The children will enjoy a tour of the French Impressionist collection conducted by museum docents and will also have some time to explore other works of art.   After lunch, the students will have the chance to create their own Impressionism inspired works of art.  If we have time, children could do pencil sketching of some of the copies of famous buildings in the Hall of Architecture, or visit the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum.  

Your child is allowed free dress, but we ask that students appropriately represent Wheeling Country Day School and are encouraged to wear their favorite WCDS apparel. We ask that you send a brown bag lunch, a snack, and enough water for the day. Students are allowed to have ipads or cell phones on the bus but are not permitted to use them inside the museums. We plan to stop for morning gouter (snack) at a French pastry shop near the museum.  We have ordered and paid for enough pains au chocolat for the group.  If your child would like one, please send $3.75 on Monday, April 8th or Wednesday, April 10th, the day of the field trip.  We will leave by bus at 8:30 am and will return before 3:00 pm so plan for a normal drop off and dismissal.

Donations Needed for House of the Carpenter: Flood Relief Efforts

WCDS has contacted The House of the Carpenter to see how we can help our community during this time of need.

They are very much in need of donations and help. If you are willing and able, please drop off donations in the gym anytime next week. If you can make a monetary donation you can do so at https://houseofthecarpenter.com/donate/ any time.

Here is what they are looking for:

  • cleaning supplies
  • shelf stable food
  • snow shovel
  • squeegees
  • rain boots in all sizes
  • clothing in all sizes, new or used
  • new socks/underwear
  • hygiene products/toiletries
  • washers & dryers
  • people with electrical experience
  • gift cards to Aldi, Kroger, Walmart, etc.

Weekly Recap

Language Arts

  • I sure hope you all heard about our mock school board meeting this week! Each student had to give a testimony in front of an audience. Ask your child to tell you their script, and check yellow folders for the grading rubric.
  • Persuasive/opinion writing about whether or not they believe the main character should/should not be fired


  • Subtracting mixed fractions week!

We hope to see you at the solar eclipse viewing on Monday and are excited for the field trip opportunity the students will have on Wednesday. Don’t forget about our early dismissal on Friday, April 19th at 11:30 am. Enjoy your weekend! 

  • Katie and Kristina

We’re ‘Egg’sausted!

Upcoming Dates

  • April 1 – Talent show submissions due! 60 second videos. Email to talentshow@wcdsedu.com  
  • April 2 – Classes resume at 10:00am. Before care available. 
  • Monday, April 8th – Eclipse viewing at Wheeling Park (afternoon only). School will provide transportation. Pickup at WCDS Middle School.
  • Wednesday, April 10th – Carnegie Field Trip 5th, 6th & 7th graders (all day). More information to come. Also, Virtual Talent Show release!

After Spring Long Weekend, we will be routinely allowing the 5th grade back in the creek during recess more regularly, as long as the weather permits. If your child does not have creek shoes or a towel at school, please check in and make sure they have all the items they need.

The deadline for the Virtual Talent Show is rapidly approaching! The virtual talent show will be released Wednesday, April 10th. Videos should be no longer than 60 seconds and should be edited and formatted before submission.  If there is an issue with your video, I will reach out. The deadline for video submissions is **Monday April 1st.** Please send all videos to talentshow@wcdsedu.com.

We wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent in eggs or items to stuff into the Easter eggs for this year. Our class was thrilled to be the leaders on this project and flashed back to so many wonderful memories of their own egg hunts as younger students at WCDS. They all worked so well together this week to organize, package, and individually count thousands of eggs for all of the students at our school. Thank you again for your continuous support.

Language Arts:

  • Ask your child about our special guest, Mr. McFadden. He came in to tell a personal story that connected to our main character, Mr. Terupt, in the class novel. 
  • Class novel project: We are working on our presentations for a mock Board of Education meeting. Ask your child to tell you about which character they will become for this big event. 
  • Stay tuned for a special “Poetry Slam” event put on by our 5th graders! 


  • Introduction on subtracting fractions 
  • Continued practicing our fluency facts for multiplication and subtraction 

Weather Balloon:

Mr. Hladek joined us this week for our introduction into the JoJo X! This is the 10th year of the Weather Balloon release at WCDS and our kids are so excited to be a part of it. We have applied for our jobs and watched videos on what this project entails. As we begin to work on the technology that is involved with this project, we have learned about GPS trackers, weather maps, and meteorology. Soon enough we will begin learning how to track weather with our very own balloon! 

Social Studies:

Our students began a unit on states and capitals. We are currently learning about the northeast region of the United States. We recently had a lesson on text features, where we learned about the various parts of nonfiction text to help aid us in our upcoming research. Students will be quizzed on the correct spelling and location of the northeast region states and capitals after the weekend.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Katie and Kristina

Celebrate the Fame of Fifth!

For those of you who registered, we can’t wait to see you tomorrow at Celebrate! Cocktail reception begins at 6:00 pm at The White Palace at Wheeling Park.

Upcoming Dates:

  • March 28 – 11:30 Early Dismissal – Spring Egg Hunt for students at school. No aftercare.
  • April 1 – Talent show submissions due! 60 second videos. Email to talentshow@wcdsedu.com  
  • April 2 – Classes resume at 10:00am. Before care available. 
  • Monday, April 8th – Eclipse viewing at Wheeling Park (afternoon). School will provide transportation. 
  • Wednesday, April 10th – Carnegie Field Trip 5th, 6th & 7th graders (all day). More information to come. Also, Virtual Talent Show release!

Language Arts:

  • Reading Because of Mr. Terupt with great class discussions
  • Continuing poetry (adding figurative language)
  • Entering PBS Kids poetry contest, due Monday!!  Please check Google Classroom for your child’s poem


  • Continued to practice fraction addition
  • Took a quiz on adding fractions with like and unlike denominators 
  • Beginning a unit on subtracting fractions prior to next week’s break

Weather Balloon:

Students have begun our Deep Dive on the famous 5th Grade Weather Balloon! This week, students completed questionaries to apply for their job for this project. While we will be learning about weather, atmosphere, and meteorology, we will also be working on our collaborative skills within this deep dive. Students were asked to apply for a position and address the concerns they may face throughout this experience.

Spring Forward!

Upcoming Dates:

  • March 23 – CELEBRATE! 6:00 pm. Standing in the Hall of Fame! We hope to see you there!
  • March 28 – 11:30 am Early Dismissal – No aftercare. 
  • April 1 – Talent show submissions due! 60 second videos. Email to talentshow@wcdsedu.com  
  • April 2 – Classes resume at 10:00 am. Before care available. 


  • Raffle tickets for Disney are still available! Just let us know if you would like more and we can send them home with your child. You don’t have to be present to win!
  • Remember to sign your son or daughter up for lunch on Praxi.
  • If your child has a cell phone, please consider if it is a necessity for your family for them to have it at school each day.

This year for our school-wide Spring Egg Hunt, we are asking for your help. If you would like to donate a dozen eggs filled with candy, stickers, or small toys, our class is going to hide them for the entire school on the morning of Thursday, March 28th. If you are able to help, please send the filled eggs to school with your child by next Friday, March 22nd. This is sure to be an awesome opportunity for the 5th grade! The entire school was asked to bring in a dozen eggs, so fifth graders don’t have to feel the burden of bringing in more than 12. 

THANK YOU! Thank you to all of the wonderful parents who gave up possibly two work days this week to come and witness your child’s accolades. DARE Graduation was wonderful, and we loved having you at our branch campus for this event. Not to mention the following day being a Lego Robotics competition. This is the first year that parents were invited in person to the event and the students were thrilled. Having spectators in their corner gave them extra focus, attention, and pressure, which isn’t a bad thing! They truly wanted to make us all proud. It was so fun seeing them compete and participate. Our special award winners will be announced on Monday. 

Language Arts:

  • Began reading “Because of Mr. Terupt”.
  • Continued our poetry unit with lessons on similes, metaphors, and writing poetry using figurative language 
  • Explored campus by taking a ‘poetry walk’. Students were to use their senses to observe nature and write a poem using similes and metaphors based off of their observations to enhance their writing. 


  • Continuing to practice simplifying fractions 
  • Learned how to add and subtract fractions with like denominators 
  • Beginning to add and subtract fractions when they have unlike denominators.