Little Explorers

Keep Exploring!

We just want to thank you for such a lovely summer session of Little Explorers. Your little learners inspired us from the start and we loved seeing them open up to new discoveries every week. We hope you will consider joining us during the school year for more opportunities for playing and learning together.

⭐️If you would like to make the mud slime we had this past week, you can find the recipe here.

⭐️For an easy colored rice recipe, please click here.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to learn new things with your children. We had a blast!

All the best,

Miss Claire, Miss Linda and Miss Airry

Happy 4th!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday this week. We can’t believe that our last session is next week already. We have had so much fun watching your little ones explore, make discoveries, and interact with new friends. We hope you will consider joining us throughout the school year. More information to come regarding that! We would like to thank Miss Airry for being such a wonderful fill in for Miss Claire the last two weeks. It is evident that they all had fulfilling experiences!

Welcome to Little Explorers Summer 2024!☀️🌈

Hello Everyone! We know we are a few sessions in, but we wanted to welcome you to our Little Explorers page! Here you will find any upcoming dates, announcements, recipes, and documentation of our youngest learners. We are so glad you have joined us this summer!

See you next week! Miss Airry from our Preschool class will be joining Miss Linda for the next two weeks.

Miss Claire and Miss Linda