We Two

Final fun Friday at 8 Park Road!

It is hard to believe that yesterday was our final Friday of fun and exploration at the WCDS Main Campus! This year has certainly flown by. It has been amazing to watch all of the children grow, change, and evolve as the months have passed by. This week the children scooped and poured sand, ​and carefully transferred water and flower petals from one cup or bowl to another. Creating shapes and figures out of magnetic tiles was fun to see. The children continue to work on their gross motor skills and balance navigating the stepping stones and blocks on the mats. And what would a Friday morning be without paint and glue? Adding color to recyclable materials and continuing to add tissue paper to our ever-changing canvases is always a good time! Classes ended with a springtime story and snacks. Thank you to our 5th grade volunteers who joined us at the 11:00 session to be guest readers to students.

Please know that next Friday will be our final class session for the year. We will all be gathering as one combined class at 9:30 am at the Ohio County Public Library. They will be providing fun, engaging activities for us. From the library, we will be taking a short walk to the large lawn area in front of the B&O Building at WV​NCC where we will have a story, snack​, and some more fun activities! We can’t wait!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week!

Miss Stephanie, Miss Claire, and Miss Linda

Zip, Zap, Zoom

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • Friday, April 19th– combined class at 10:00 am at Northern
  • Friday, April 26th– back on main campus
  • Friday, May 3rd– last session at 10:00 am at the Ohio County Public Library-
  • If interested in continuing to explore and play with us this summer, you can sign up for Little Explorers and/or We Two sessions here

Thank you for another fabulous week of exploring and learning. The kiddos dug, scooped, and made tunnels for creatures in our sand bin. Our zippy, little cars traveled across tables, the floor, and even went off-roading in the sand. The large, white wall turned into a magnetic cityscape with our colorful Magna Tiles. Some kiddos spread and dabbed homemade puffy paint on our canvases from last week, adding a unique texture. The Small World brought our spring items, including gnomes, mushroom houses, and colorful fairy lights. The biggest hit was the wedge mat from Miss Claire’s dance classes. The students climbed, rolled, and jumped off the edge, paying careful attention to their surroundings. We finished our time with one of our favorite series, Little Quack. Little Quack’s New Friend by Lauren Thompson is a sweet little story about accepting someone no matter what they look like.

We can’t believe our time together is almost finished, but we have some exciting things in store for the next few weeks.

See you next week!

Miss Claire, Miss Linda, and Miss Stephanie

And Egg-celent morning!

We Two and Little Explorers continued with some more egg activities before stashing them all away for another year. The children enjoyed finding items in eggs of various sizes and colors and ended the classes with Ed’s Egg by David Bedford. The children also had a blast finger painting in spring colors, exploring in water with pom-poms, building and knocking down block towers, and using various writing tools to draw and color on whiteboards. They took to the balance beam and hopped across circle cushions for gross motor activities.

Hop, Hop, Hop Little Bunnies

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • Friday, March 29th- School Closed for Easter

We had a room full of little bunnies this week and boy, were they cute! Our little learners explored our rice bin with more colorful eggs, egg baskets, and their favorite carrots. We had a few bunny visitors that became quite popular amongst the group, even joining us for our story time. There was some beautiful transient art happening as the students placed buttons, pom-poms, strings of beads, ric rac, and sequins on large felt eggs. The cinnamon play dough was given a hint of pumpkin spice, as well as different kinds of marking tools. We saw several kinds of structures being built with our Duplos and Lincoln Logs when the kiddos weren’t hopping through our cube. The icing on the cake was the wonderful finger-painting that resulted at our stamping area, inspiring us to create a large-scale painting area the next time we see you all.

The entire morning lifted our spirits as the children explored our Spring provocations. We hope you all have a wonderful Easter and we will see you soon!

Miss Claire, Miss Linda, and Miss Stephanie

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • Friday, March 29th- School Closed for Easter

We love when it starts to feel like Spring outside as birds chirping, the color green starts popping up everywhere, and the sun feels warmer and warmer each day. The recent weather inspired us to invite the students to explore a few new provocations this week. We loved seeing them scoop our springy green rice, searching for the hidden bunnies and carrots. Yummy cinnamon play dough was a delightful mix with colorful flowers and little birdies. Our tea set was relaunched with an elderberry tea that smelled oh-so-good. Some kiddos constructed extra tall buildings using the Duplo blocks, being extra careful not to knock them down. While the little bunnies and eggs were all lined up on our balance beam when children we not navigating along it. We just love watching their little minds work! We read Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring by Kenard Pak at 9:00. The students were excellent observers of the slight changes happening from page to page. Students at 11:00 listened to Grow Flower, Grow by Lisa Bruce. They knew pizza, cookies, ice cream, and spaghetti were not what flowers needed to grow.

Thank you for our lovely sessions today and we will see you next week!

Miss Claire, Miss Stephanie, and Miss Linda

Hello Frank, Nice to Meet You!

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • Friday, March 1- Little Explorers and We Two will be held on our main campus in the Community Room. Normal times will resume. When you come up the colored stairs, proceed forward and turn right to come onto the loop road. Pass the gym on the left and enter the Community Room through the double red doors across from the playground.
  • Friday, March 8- School is closed for Spring Break

What a special session we had today! First off, we love combining Little Explorers with We Two, having all of our youngest learners together. Secondly, we want to shout out a huge “Thank you” to Miss Courtney at the Schrader Center for creating such a wonderful space for us to explore. We loved seeing the students, to name just a few, climbing in beaver dens, throwing “snowballs” into multi-leveled buckets, animal watching with binoculars, creating whimsical scenes with yummy-smelling playdough and natural materials, and gently getting to know Frank, the turtle. It was a fantastic set-up of authentic and real materials, something we strive to offer to all of our students at WCDS. We thank you for sharing in this lovely day with us and cannot wait to see you all next time.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Claire, Miss Linda, and Miss Stephanie

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub 🧽🧼

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • Friday, February 23rd- 10:00 am (joint class) at the Oglebay Schrader Center. We will see you there!
  • Friday, March 8th – No class, Spring Break
  • Friday, March 15th – 10:30 am Preschool parent information session

We were so happy to be back together with you all this week after our long weekend. We missed you! The students did not hesitate to get right back into a groove of explorations and discoveries. The large yet cozy blanket fort provided some much-needed rest for some of our learners. We love that their grown-ups joined in with them, reading books and exploring with the lanterns and flashlights. While the stuffed animals were being snuggled with, the animal figures were part of a colorful “bath time”. After being painted with magenta or teal paint, the students were sure to give them a good scrubbing using our mini-sinks and sponges. Who doesn’t love playing in the sink? We had some extra foamy water available with scoops and sifters, as well as a rotary whisk that made quite the splash. Lastly, the students added a little sparkle to our large pinecones and marked on an acrylic sheet with oil pastels, markers, and Stabilo pencils.

We are excited about our field trip next session at the Schrader Center and cannot wait to see what they have for us.

Have a great weekend and see you next week!

Miss Claire, Miss Linda, and Miss Stephanie

Let’s Have a Winter Tea Party

Important Dates and Announcements:

  • Friday, January 19th- This session will be held at our West Virginia Northern Branch classroom.
  • Friday, January 26th- This session will be a combined class at 10:00 am. It will also be at our West Virginia Northern Branch classroom.

We were so excited to be back at our Northern Branch classroom this week as it brings a whole different feel to our explorations time together. The natural light that shines through the large windows really adds to our provocations. Our little learners continued to squeeze paint on our large pinecone forest, paying close attention to the drip, drip, drip. Artic animals, fresh pine, and icy colored gems were added to our wintry play dough. Some animals were even covered in a fresh blanket of “snow”. Our collaborative canvases were given a fresh layer of glue with paint brushes and rollers. We even had a winter tea party as some of the students shared ice and water in their small tea pots and creamers. “More tea please” was a common phrase at that provocation. Some students enjoyed created elaborate structures using the black boxes, testing their engineering skills and balance.

We already have ideas brewing for next week as we will be together again at Northern. Thank you for two wonderful sessions today. Our hearts are full with the way your children are coming into their own as curious little learners.

Have a great week and see you next Friday!

Miss Claire, Miss Linda, and Miss Stephanie

We Two/Little Explorers are back for more in 2024!

Important Dates:

1/26 – Combined class at 10:00

Happy New Year to our We Two & Little Explorers families. We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday break with your friends and families. We missed you and are so excited to see what fun we have in store for 2024.

This week in class, students were given multiple opportunities to paint; either with brushes & sponges on canvas or with squeeze bottles of paint on giant pine cones. We can’t wait to pull both of them out in the weeks ahead and add even more to our artwork in progress. The cardboard boxes that were turned into castles, buses, houses, and more by the Preschool students before the holiday break were a fun surprise and a way to kickstart little imaginations. The winter touches of lights, snowflakes, and mirrors in the sensory areas are getting us ready for the winter months ahead.

Winter Wishes

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • Winter Break- December 21st-January 3rd
  • Friday, January 5th- Little Explorers/We Two sessions resume at regular times

What is more magical than sharing a yummy breakfast with some special North Pole helpers? Breakfast with the Elves has always been a favorite with our littlest learners and this year was no exception. We just love seeing their sweet faces light up as the 5th-grade elves share in their joyful moments. Ball bouncing and hula-hooping followed by breakfast set us up beautifully. We then explored some of our most recent favorite provocations, including bubble water with ornaments, mark-making on dry erase and chalkboards, our Small World loose parts, a dried bean sensory bin, and our collaborative canvas. We even had a special visitor, SANTA, as we sang some holiday songs. We want to give the 5th graders a huge thank you for taking their role as the leaders on our campus so seriously and spending some quality time with these kiddos. They did a fabulous job and we are so proud to have them be a part of it.

It was a joyful way to end our time together before the break. We hope you spend some quality time with each other, relishing in those magical moments. See you in 2024!

Miss Claire, Miss Linda, and Miss Stephanie